Carnival Days in Hyannis


I awoke early this morning, still thinking about last night as I prepped for the day. Corrine had given me the best blowjob of my life. The images of my shriveling thick cock pulling from her mouth dripping with her saliva and my cum and the sweet little ‘plop’ sound as my tool broke the suction of her full lips still echoed in my mind. Strings of slippery sticky fluid drooled from both sides of her hot mouth soaking the top of her undulating breasts. Just thinking of last night caused my cock to swell on its own. I had to get these erotic images out of my mind. There were so many other things I wanted to do today. Walking around town with a permanent hard-on was not one of them. Today was already showing signs of a scorcher.

It was a good day to find a beach to cool off. While I was having breakfast next door, Andy strolled in and apparently he had the same idea. He was already to head for the beach. Neither of us had any idea where we could go; there weren’t very many public beaches near us; and the few beaches that were nearby, were labeled private. We got some tips from the gas station attendant and also rented a couple of bicycles. In this heat riding seemed much cooler than walking. Off we went.

The beach wasn’t much of a beach. It was a narrow row of coarse sand near a small marina; but far better than nothing at all. First things first; I had to jump in and get wet. The water was cool and refreshing and sucked the heat from my over heated torso. Next, what else! Lie in the sand with a drink and check out the scenery. It appeared that this private spot was also a favorite for some of the locals. The scenery was better than I had imagined. There were several teen babes that caught my interest; all within just a few feet. Many were getting tans and the other half were parading their bodies past Andy and I; a few noticeably checking me out as well.

I soon had to turn on my stomach; not just from the heat. After another ten minutes on my stomach, I felt safe enough to get up and stroll to the water once more to cool off. My stiff boner had settled back to its deflated state and the coolness of the ocean water helped to further the process. Sand rinsed off and sated for the rest of this morning I headed back to the lot with a slow ride through the town once more to see if things looked any different; scenery-wise. It did!

Andy and I stopped at the ice cream stand that I visited the other day. Orange sherbet was my choice. Too big a mouthful gave me instant brain freeze. There were more bikini clad babes, from teens to forties strolling along the sidewalks. I found myself unconsciously checking them all. There was one mother daughter duet that that really caught my eye. Instantly, I began fantasizing what they would be like.

“Excuse me, but do you mind if we sit here under your umbrella table? It’s awfully hot here in the sun!”

Some outfits were not made for swimming; including the two bikinis that stood before us wishing to share our table.

I looked up from where the voice emanated and gave them a quick scan before answering, “Sure, sit down and get out of the hot sun.”

Both appeared to be early twenties, but I wasn’t very good at guessing ages; and still can’t. We mentioned that we were both from the carnival about a half mile down the road; and after that, we hardly got in another word. The thin long blonde haired girl, Sammie, began telling us her whole life story. Andy seemed impressed and I noticed him slowly slip his hand beneath the table and on to Sammie’s slim thigh; obviously showing his appreciation of how much he cared to listen to her story. His arm moved ever so slightly as he slid his hand up and down the length of her bare upper leg. Sammie hardly skipped a syllable as she continued her story.

Upon closer examination, I realized that the girls’ outfits were definitely not made for swimming; just light cotton halter tops and tight matching shorts. The material was similar t-shirt quality; when it got wet, it clung to skin and everything underneath became visible. It was quite evident when Sammie became aroused from a strange hand caressing her thigh. Her tits were small, but her stiffened nipples noticeably stretched her thin light blue top

Her friend Debbie sat quietly and winked at me and rolled her eyes like she’d heard this story a million times or else everything was just a bunch of made up stories. I winked back but for a different reason; it was the visible protrusions on Sammie’s chest. I looked down at Debbie’s fuller form and her nipples were outline beneath the stretched fabric of her pastel green outfit. Keeping in the mood, I rested my hand on Debbie’s warm forearm. I gave her a soft squeeze and asked if she’d like a drink. She smiled with the brightest white teeth I had ever seen and jokingly said,

“Listening to Sammie telling her life story does make me a little thirsty.”

I slowly drew my hand softly down her forearm and off her long fingers and said, “I’ll be right back; Andy and Sammie; you want a cool drink to wash your ice cream down?”

“Sure, thanks!”

I was back in a couple of minutes with drinks. Debbie had just started to tell her life story. I passed the drinks out and returned to my seat. I placed my hand next to Debbie’s. She mentioned that they both attended the University of Massachusetts and were on the Cape for the whole month. When I started to say we were on the Cape for the month as well, my hand returned to her warm arm. I softly caressed her as she spoke. She didn’t object, so I continued. I couldn’t believe it. She was also getting aroused from my touch. I don’t recall what she was saying. I was only thinking, “Was it this easy to talk to people, total strangers, and have them get excited within minutes. My cock was growing as my eyes drifted from her moving lips down to her tits. Her C cup mounds were taught against the strained material of her halter. Her nipples were now stretching the cloth further.

We spent an hour talking and touching and finally the girls had to go.
Neither Andy nor I could get up at the moment, so we said be sure to come see us at the carnival. They said sure as we watched their tight asses stroll down the sidewalk. Sure enough, they both looked back to see if we were watching. I thought to myself, “We’ll probably never see them again.”

Back at the midway Andy and I separated and got our assigned areas in order. After, I wandered over to where my favorite women were supposed to be staying. The whole family had gone out somewhere for the day. I got a cool drink and went back inside my tent where it was cooler. While taking a mouthful of cool liquid I suddenly had some horny thoughts of my meeting with those two sexy women at the ice-cream stand. I felt my cock growing and got the urge to relive myself. It was quick and enjoyable as I shot my load all over the cool grassy floor of my sleeping quarters.

A little less anxious, I went back outside to finish my drink. Sitting in the scanty shade that was available, I saw that Andy was just finishing up at the kiddie rides and decided to join me. There was still several hours before opening time as we thought of what to do for the time being. We looked to our left when we heard two familiar voices; Sammie and Debbie were strolling onto the semi-deserted lot. Andy and I shared similar thoughts once more.

“Sorry, we’re not open yet,” both Andy and I said at the same time.

The girls had big smiles that said they had other ideas of what to do before the show opened. I offered to get them a couple of cold drinks before we got out of the hot sun.

There wasn’t enough room for all of us to share the back of my tent. But I suggested to Andy that he could use my boss’s tent which was next to mine. He was gone for the day and wouldn’t mind. At least I hoped he wouldn’t mind. Both girls were ready for some afternoon fun and willingly went inside our respective tents. It wasn’t as cool as I thought. Debbie had her top up over her head before I was completely inside. All I could see was two beautiful breasts with tender puffy pink nipples begging to be kissed and sucked. My mouth latched onto one and then the other as she tossed her top on my bed.

“Slow down, Bobby, we got all afternoon,” Debbie whispered in my ear.

I was ready to jump right in just like Andy was doing in the tent next to me, but decided to do what Debbie was telling me. After all she was much older than me and I was sure she knew a lot more about sex than I. Beside, that, I had just dumped a full load about eight feet from where we were standing. It was probably for the better if I did take it easy.

Debbie wanted to get fucked, but she wanted it the way she liked it; slow and gentle.

I didn’t know what Andy was doing, but I heard Sammie saying, “Go slower. Yes. Like that. Andy, that feels so nice. Do it with long and deep strokes.”
For a brief few seconds my mind wandered toward the sounds of slurping and sucking next door. I began to visualize what Andy was doing to Sammie’s pussy.

“Damn it! You didn’t cum already? Did you Andy?” moaned Sammie next door.
The tent walls were not the best material for sound proofing. I could detect the frustration in Sammie’s voice. Andy had apparently shot his load and was done with Sam.

Debbie put her lips to mine and quickly my thoughts returned to her.
She had the softest kisses of any of the three women I ever had in my life so far. This was going to be another new experience. My shirt was off and her firm tits were crushed against my bare chest. He hands were around my neck as my hands slid down to grip her unbelievably firm ass. I squeezed her cheeks and pulled her tight against my semi bulging boner. She pulled back a little. I wondered if I had gotten the wrong message.

Apparently not; she began to unbutton her shorts and slid them down her firm thighs and slowly over her knees to her feet. She kicked them on the bed next to her top. I started to undo my own when she offered to help. I let her take the lead and do her thing.

“Damn, how could you be done already?” Sammie whimpered.

I got the sensation that Sammie didn’t have a very enjoyable session with Andy.

As Debbie slowly and tenderly gripped my balls and placed her moist lips to the head of my still somewhat limp prick, I let out a long low moan and said out loud so Sammie and Andy, if he hadn’t fallen asleep already, “Oh, Debbie your lips feel sooo nice there and your tongue when you lick the underside…..” I let the words trail off just for effect.

My cock was now fully rigid as I pulled her mouth of my thick swollen rod.

Let me do the same to you. I grabbed my blanket and a couple of pillows and spread them on the cool grassy bedroom floor. Immediately she was on all fours with her tight round ass facing me. I wanted to ram her right then and there but she quickly flipped onto her back and put her feet together.

“What’s this!” I thought as I stared down at a bare pussy. She looked up at me with her big bright eyes waiting for me to make the next move, I assumed. My thick cock was pulsing and moving up and down above her. Her chest and big boobs with her taut pinkish nipples were moving slowly with each deep breath.

I knelt at her feet and began to massage her feet and moved slowly up her legs. When I got to her knees, I stopped and grasped her feet to gently separate her legs. I spread her wider than necessary to just massage her upper legs. She didn’t mind one bit as my hands crept soothingly up over her knees and onto the top of her thighs. Her bare pussy staring me in the face was driving my pounding boner into a throbbing frenzy. My hands moved to the inside and she let out a whimper of pleasure as my fingertips softly touched her outer lips. They were so soft and smooth. I had to run my fingers over them just once. I withdrew for a few seconds to see her eyes were wide open and staring at me and my stiff ramrod throbbing between her wide spread limbs.

My gaze returned to her bare cunt lips and I saw that they had already begun to swell. I looked intently toward the naked slit; a fluid was drooling between them. I reached to touch her pussy and felt this drooling liquid; it like pre-cum but was warm and so very slippery. My fingers slowly moved to spread this juicy lubricant between her now turgid lips.

“Oh, Bobby what are you doing? That feels good.”

This was all I needed as I lowered my mouth to her and gave her one kiss at the top of her slit. She smelled wonderful; it was hard to stop with only one kiss, but I had plans for this love making episode. I gave her one soft lick between her lips just to taste her. Mmmmm yummy, I thought.

I wet my fingers with her hot slippery juices and began to play with her lips gliding my fingers up and down their length. She liked it so I continued. Her clit was now showing so I softly gripped it through her foreskin like covering and slowly started to jerk her off; just like it was a miniature penis. Was I surprised; she went out of her fucking mind with the pleasurable sensations shooting through her tummy. I think she was almost ready to cum when I stopped.

“Please, don’t stop!” she screamed. There was no way Sammie didn’t hear that. As a matter of fact more people than just Sammie heard it.

I pulled my hands away from her pussy and sat up for a second just to take in the scene. Debbie’s nipples were totally puckered and saying suck on me now. I was about to when Debbie started reaching down to pleasure herself.

I stopped her and told her, “Don’t! I’m not done yet; just taking a break. Do you like, so far?”

She just bit her lips and nodded and then said, “Oh,God, yes!”

That’s all the encouragement I needed and lowered my mouth once again
between her open legs. The fragrance of her excitement had now filled the tent and my head as my lips approached her swollen wet vulva. Her juices were flowing freely as I parted her lips once more.

Her lubricant was scooped up with my tongue and smeared all over her clit and surrounding tissue. I clamped my mouth to her swollen and pulsing clit and gently began to suck her in and out between my lips. I made the same motions with my mouth that I did with my thumb and forefinger as earlier. I was masturbating her clit with my mouth. In and out I suck on her. She became more swollen as she softly screamed and moaned throughout my pleasuring.
Her hip and ass rose and bucked up and down .She was writhing madly when I stopped once more.

“Don’t! What are you doing? Don’t stop!” she screeched

“Shhhhh! The neighbors will hear.” I quickly said.

Even her pussy was screaming for more attention. Debbie opened her legs wider. Her wet lips were slightly open. My face returned to give her more treatment. This time my tongue went to work licking the underside of her clit I continued the sucking along with the licking. Almost immediately she began moving her hips and thrusting her pussy into my face.

Her moaning increased in intensity. I could tell she was getting ready to blow her load. An intense orgasm was inevitable. I continued sucking and licking her tenderized clit. My saliva and her juices were mixing to create a super slippery condition. I urged two fingers toward her hole and slowly I slipped the two slick digits into her tight wetness. I don’t think she even felt me enter she was so wet and excited.

I slowly worked my fingers in and out rubbing deftly against her ‘G’ spot. She was now straining and tensing and contracting so hard, I stopped moving my fingers and just held them stiffly against her ‘G’. Her own body movements created her internal rubbing on my digits. My mouth never let go of her through her whole raging orgasm.

Her pleasure screams and moans must have filled half the midway. I didn’t care! I was enjoying this almost as much as her. Her orgasm and moaning finally subsided. My mouth had been removed from her slippery little organ, but my fingers were still inside her hot throbbing hole. I pulled them out from between her soaking wet limbs. I held them to my mouth and licked all her juices from my fingers. I can still remember how sweet she tasted. Her hole was still agape and I could see the rippled walls of her cunt pulsating.

Debbie might have been spent, but my thick throbbing cock was dripping with its own slippery fluid. I knelt between her legs and was just about to plunge my tool into her steaming pussy when I noticed an eyeball gawking through one of the small opening along the tent seam. The make-up told me it was Sammie. She didn’t see that I saw her.

For Sammie’s viewing pleasure, I altered my course and moved toward Debbie’s face. She knew what I wanted and willingly grasped my dripping cock and placed its drooling head to her awaiting mouth. I teased her a bit while long slippery strings of pre-cum poured from my swollen shaft onto her heaving breasts. She pulled me to her mouth and took half of my cock into her mouth for several strokes. Her soft full lips felt unbelievable as they pulled along my slippery tool. Before I came in her mouth I had to pull the still dripping pole from her lips. Pre-cum oozed down both sides of her mouth and down the sides of her neck.

Repositioning myself for the final plunge, I stole a quick glance from the corner of my eye. She was not looking at my face. I could see she was glaring at the size of my glistening cock that was about to disappear between her roommates’s spread thighs.

Debbie was just waiting in anticipation for my huge cock to stretch her.
I slowly lowered myself and teased her by rubbing my slick cock head on and between her slippery cunt lips. Just the head and Debbie let out a slight Oooh.

I heard a muffled gasp from outside as I eased myself slowly inch by inch; ironing out all those ripples I noticed earlier. Slowly at first, I thrust my heavy weapon into her pussy stretching that tight slippery cunt wide until my massive tool took the final plunge and buried myself up to my balls. Debbie was quite the trooper. Her eyes glaring wildly as she felt all of me. Slowly, she started pumping her hips to make sure she got every bit from each pounding thrust.

Not even two minutes had passed and Debbie was tensing again. I could feel her pussy tightening around dick. I rammed myself deeply to match her movements. Her fingers dug into my back and all she said was faster and harder. ‘

Who was I to argue? She tensed; raising her ass up off the blanket while I pounded her like there was no tomorrow. Harder and faster I thrust. She tried to scream, but her mouth was dry and it came out a bit raspy. She again, began bucking like riding a bronco.

This was even too much for me. My cock was aching to cum. Her mind blowing orgasm was winding down but I was still pumping.

Debbie said that she was getting sore and wanted me to stop. When a woman says stop, I usually try to obey. I withdrew my thick tool from her dripping with her juices and probably some of my own. I thought, this was it!

The mystery eyeball was still watching. Debbie sat up and took my dripping slippery tool and began licking and kissing it all over like some kind of a love idol. She gently caressed my balls as she began kissing the swollen oozing tip. She opened her mouth and took me to the back of her throat as she sucked and licked like I had done to her. I was too large for her to take all of me but she compensated by wrapping a hand around the base of my shaft and jerking me while she sucked and licked like this was her last meal

It didn’t take much more than a couple of minutes before I heard myself saying that I was going to cum.
Debbie started sucking and licking with ferocity. She jerking the base of my tool with one hand and squeezing my nut sac with her other. I could hear myself again saying, Now! She sucked and squeezed harder as I felt my hot load begin to travel from my balls and shoot through my shaft.

My steaming load crashed into the back of her throat making her gag and choke. I pulled away quickly, but my uncontrollable cock was spewing load after load of sticky cum all over her face and hair and neck. She still held me with her hand and kept jerking my cum all over herself. I kept cumming for about a minute. I almost let out a laugh at the site of her covered in cum, but I couldn’t say anything.

She was smothered with my creamy jizz. I felt a little embarrassed but at the same time I felt excited at seeing all this cum covering this college babe.
I said I was sorry, but she didn’t seem to mind a bit. She actually thanked me for such a great time. I partially heard what she was saying but my mind at the moment was thinking that this was the best fucking blowjob I ever received. I will remember this day forever.

I heard a small whimper outside my tent. The eye was missing. We got dressed and went outside. There was Sammie sitting by herself. Andy was nowhere to be seen.

Where’s Andy?” I asked

“He said he had to go open his rides up for the night. He left about a half hour ago. Did you guys have a good time?”

Upon hearing this I thought, “As if she didn’t know. She saw almost the whole show.”

Debbie answered that question without any hesitation, “Girl, we had a great time. Maybe I’ll tell you about it some day.”

“Maybe I’ll see you later,” I said as they waltzed off the lot.

I turned and grabbed another cold drink and waited for the merry-go-round to start-up, signaling it’s time to start the show.
I was thankful the night was rather quiet; it had been a long day.

As I was closing up for the night, I heard Corrine and Carla behind me asking if I wanted to come over for a cool drink. I was exhausted and just wanted to crawl into bed; too much sun maybe. I couldn’t refuse the hospitality of my favorite babes. Actually I could use a cool drink before turning in for the night. It was a great ending to a perfect day