Buster, Bec’s & Me 3

Buster, Bec's & Me 3 Warning – The following story contains sex between “male-female-female incest sex”, “male-female incest”, “female-female incest”, “male-male incest”, “male-dog”, [...]

Teresa Chapter 5

Teresa Chapter 5 “Teresa let me kiss you. I want your mouth now. Oh god fuck that’s so gorgeous. You taste and smell [...]

Mother Fucker

Lesbian. Virgin. Nymphomaniac. Seemingly eclectic, all those words could be used to describe Barbie Lez. But the word most often used to designate [...]

Teaching Takumi

Hana Nakamura made a sound of disgust and scornfully tossed aside her nephew’s sex education pamphlet. What a joke, she thought. No wonder [...]

The New Teacher II

"C'mon, Jacob. Just calm down and just say it." Standing in my bathroom, just about to finish my daily morning clean-up routine, I [...]