Dominating My Older Sis 2: Older Sister’s Punishment

Dominating My Older Sister
(An Incestuous Harem Story)
Chapter Two: Older Sister's Punishment
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Carmelita Campo

Such rage surged through me at my little sister. That fucking dyke-slut thought she could set me up. That she could get that asshole Clint and his skanks to film me, make it look like I was raping my sister instead of putting the little lesbian-whore in her place.

I knew she wanted to lick my pussy. Like all the other lesbians I had humiliated over the years, dominating them, making them eat my cunt. I was just giving them what they wanted. What they craved while also showing them how filthy and disgusting they were for doing it. How they would lick even a straight girl's pussy if she gave them opportunity.

Even if that pussy belonged to her older sister.

And now Juana, that diseased dyke, thought she could set me up, screaming that I was raping her, pretending she hated licking my snatch when I know she loves it. And having Clint and his whores film me! I would beat the everlasting shit out of the fucking dyke.

The scream of pure rage burst from my throat as I threw myself down at Juana. She lay on the floor, sniveling and cowering, her lips stained with my juicy cream, her left cheek red from my disciplining slap. Little dyke had to learn her place.

I fell on her, straddling her waist. My finger contorted into claws. I would fuck the little whore up and—

A crushing grip seized my throat. I tried to scream but only a gurgling cry broke out as Clint threw me off of my little sister and onto the ground. I hit with a hard smack, coughing and grunting, struggling to think. My brain rattled in my skull. Everything went blurry for a moment.

And then Clint's foot planted between my breasts. He was naked, his cock bobbing half-hard before him, his body ripped and muscular and so fucking ugly. I glared up at him, my eyes molten daggers.

“Get off of me, maricón!” I snarled. “I'll fuck you up.”

“How?” Clint asked.

I clawed at his pinning leg, scratching down his naked calf and shin, leading furrows of torn skin, at first white then flushing red. Spots of blood trickled. He pressed harder on my chest. My eyes widened. My ribs crushing.

“How are you going to fuck me up, bitch?”

“My Master has you pinned,” chortled that disgusting, diseased cunt Lee. I couldn't believe I was ever friends with the fucking whore. “You are so fucked.”

“Yes, you are,” Melody, Lee's older sister, added. They both were fucking Clint, their cousin. “Oh, this is going to be fun. You said such mean things to Alicia.”

“Such! Mean! Things!” growled Clint.

I grunted as he put more pressure on my chest. I struggled to breathe. I gasped like a fish pulled out of the water. I couldn't suck in breaths. Not with his foot on my chest. I scratched harder, spots of darkness bursting across my vision.

He was going to kill me.

That faggot bastard!

Then he released me. I coughed, sucking in those wonderful breaths. I couldn't pull in enough blessed air as I spasmed on the ground. My chest ached. Then Clint's hand shot down. His grip was iron as he seized my dark hair and hauled me to my knees. I struggled to move my feet, but my jeans and panties were bunched around my ankles.

He held me in his grip as I came face to face with my little sister's pussy, adorned by her dark bush, matted with her juices. I knew it. The little whore loved licking my snatch. She was so turned on right now, her tangy aroma filling my nose. Her small tits, little more than budding mounds, rose and fell, nipples so hard. She stared down at me and there was a look on her face.

Triumph. Satisfaction. Lust.

“Guess what,” Clint grinned, kneeling down beside me. His cock was growing harder. It brushed my thigh. He grabbed my arms, letting go of my head, and yanked them behind my back, holding them in his strong grip. “We have you on film raping your little sister.”

“The little puta loved it,” I snarled, struggling to break free. Damn, he was strong. “She's a cunt-muncher. She loves snatch.”

“Didn't look like it to me,” Melody said, playing with her phone. “I mean, listen.”

From her phone, the sound tinny, I could hear my sister screaming out for our father, crying out that I was raping her. Melody shook her head, causing her sandy-blonde hair, braided tight, to slip off her shoulder.

“That doesn't sound good,” Clint said.

“Nope,” Lee chortled, bouncing on her heels, making her small breasts jiggle. They were ripe mounds, so firm and succulent, with pink nipples. Her short, black hair swayed about her shoulders, framing her mischievous face. “Sounds like you're fucked, Carmelita.”

“Fucking puta skank!” I spat at Lee. I would love to have her munch my cunt. But the whore didn't care if people knew about her. She flashed herself all the time, and thought she could get away with it because her mom taught here.

“Juana,” Clint said, looking at my sister. “Like we said.”

“Oh, what are you going to do?” I demanded, glaring up at Juana. “Gonna try blackmailing me, dyke? I'll tell Mom and Dad I caught you masturbating to lezzie porn.”

“Who are they going to believe?” she said, her voice sounding firm. “Their baby girl, whose hard drive has been scrubbed clean of any lezzie porn, or you? The bitch that was making me eat her pussy. That was raping me, forcing me to do that disgusting, homosexual activity. Whose ass are they going to disown? How bad will Dad beat you?”

“You loved every second of licking my snatch, you fucking rug-mun—”

Juana slapped me. I blinked, shocked more that she did it than the stinging pain in my cheek. I stared at my sister, her face twisted with anger. Her lips curling. “From now on, dyke, you will only speak when given permission. And when you do, you address me as Mistress!”

“Oh, you think I'm going to be intimidated by my lezzie—”


My head snapped around. My cheek throbbed worse. I blinked, shaking my head. That hurt.

“What did I just tell you, dyke?”

“Stop calling me dyke!” I hissed, glaring up at her. “I don't care how often you slap me—”

“¡Chingados!” I howled. “Stop doing—”


My head whipped to the left this time, my other cheek throbbing. The pain burned across my cheeks. I blinked, my eyes full of tears. I couldn't believe this. The fucking little dyke-whore thought she could intimidate me.

“You're a dyke,” she hissed. “You're my dyke-slave from now on. Or Mom and Dad will see this footage.”

I glared up at her. I opened my mouth but she raised her hand. I closed it. Fine, let the little dyke think she was in control here. She would pay when I got her alone. She had to gang up on me, get a guy involved.

“That's good,” Clint said. “You're learning your place, dyke.”

I squirmed, hating that he was here. I could feel his damned cock on my hip, so hard, rubbing his filthy precum on me. I just set my jaw and ignored him. Oh, my little sister would pay when I had her alone. I would beat her so badly.

I would make her howl for every slap.

“And since you're a dyke,” Juana continued, “I'm going to give you what you want. And don't try to deny it, linda. I know you are. I'm one, too, remember. I know how much you lust for girls. How much you crave eating pussy.”

I didn't. I wasn't a dyke. I just liked humiliating them. I just liked making them eat my pussy and feel their tongues sliding through my folds and cum so hard on their mouths.

“So I'm going to give you want you want,” she grinned. “You're going to eat my pussy. You're going to love it, too. I know you will. You've been staring at it for so long, just dying to bury your tongue in it.”

I glared at her.

“Oh, she's in such denial,” laughed Lee, her phone pointed right at me.

“Do it,” Clint growled to my sister. “Take control of her and put her in her place.” His hand slid down my ass, making me shudder, and then he rubbed my pussy. “She's soaking wet.”

A ripple of embarrassed heat washed through me as Clint shoved his thick finger out before my face glistening with my juices. I couldn't be wet. This was humiliating. This was disgusting. I wasn't a dyke. I liked…guys. They were…fine.

Those juices were just left over from when Juana was churning my cunt up.

Then Juana seized my hair with a hard, firm grip, and yanked my face to her bush. Her silky pubic hairs rubbed across my cheeks. And then her wet vulva found my lips. I felt her hot snatch slid up and down my face. I sealed my mouth shut. I refused to give her the pleasure.

“Start licking, dyke,” Juana said, her voice so firm, brooking no disobedience.

I shook my head, moaning my wordless defiance.

She pressed my face tighter into her pussy, my nose nuzzling her clit. Her tangy juices worked past my sealed-tight lips anyways. I tasted my first cunt. A shiver ran through me, racing down my spine and settling into my pussy.

I was not getting hotter. I was not getting wetter.

I squirmed and struggled, trying to break my arms free of Clint's strong grasp. But his hand was iron, holding my two wrists together. Why did the fucking faggot have to be so goddamn strong? Why did the little dyke have to go to him?

Why did Lee have to watch?

“Start licking my pussy, dyke-slave,” Juana hissed. “Start eating your Mistress's cunt now!”

I glared up at her, past her budding, succulent tits to her round face. She had the same brown skin as me, that same rich tone. Her dark hair framed her face. Her cheek was still bright from my slap, but she wore it like a badge of honor, like she was proud she took it and gave me worse.

Both my cheeks felt so swollen.

“You have until the count of ten,” she said. “Or there will be punishment, dyke. 1. 2. 3.”

I didn't flinch as she counted, wiggling her hips and griding her cunt on my face. I wouldn't submit. I wouldn't give in to her demands. I was strong enough to resist her. I wasn't a dyke-slave like she wanted. I wasn't.

“6. 7. 8.”

I wouldn't give in.


She could slap me all day.


Nope. Not today, dyke.

“Clint,” Juana said. “Would you please discipline my slave?”

“Gladly,” Clint growled.


My ass exploded in pain. I let out a grunt into Juana's pussy. Fire burned through my butt-cheeks, racing through my body and settling into my pussy. I writhed, my head snapping back and forth, rubbing my mouth across her pussy.

“Lick my pussy,” Juana said.

I glared defiance at—


My mouth opened. I screamed out in pain as the burning agony shot through my ass. My pussy clenched while my little sister's juices poured into my mouth. She was so wet. I could see it in her eyes. This turned her on. Seeing me in pain. Seeing me humiliated and spanked by that faggot Clint.

“Lick my pussy,” she said, her voice level, commanding.

I shuddered, my ass on fire. But I wouldn't—


I screamed again, my entire body shaking. The pain was so intense. It swirled through me, mixing in my pussy with the humiliation of being dominated, with the embarrassment of the cameras catching my tears rolling down my cheeks, from the pussy juices trickling down my thighs. My cunt was so hot even as my ass was in so much pain.

“Lick it, dyke.”

A shudder ran through my body. A wild shiver that ended up in a wanton sob, half of pain and half of…passion.

What was wrong—


The fourth spanking was the hardest yet. Clint smacked his hand so hard into my ass, the blow pressed my face into my sister's cunt as the heat roared through me. Fresh tears fell down my cheeks. It hurt so badly and…

My pussy drank it in. My pussy absorbed the pain and turned it into excitement. And…

“Lick my pussy.”

I could feel Clint's hand drawing back, cocking to deliver another hard spanking. To discipline my ass for not obeying my Mis…little sister. I squeezed my eyes shut, both wanting and fearing the smack of flesh.

My tongue licked.

My sister groaned, shuddering, as I lapped through the tangy folds of her pussy. Her eyes lit up with such delight. Her small breasts jiggled as I tasted her juices. As I felt her hot silk on my tongue. I licked again, my ass still burning, the heat radiating into my pussy, boiling it.

My tongue danced through her folds. I couldn't stop myself. I was licking her pussy like a filthy dyke. Like a lezzie slut. And Lee was watching. Melody was recording. And Clint… Clint had a closeup view.

“Oh, she is going to town on your pussy, Juana,” he laughed. “She just needed some encouragement.”

He pinched my burning ass, making me moan louder into my little sister's cunt.

“Mmm, that she did,” groaned Juana. “But now my little dyke-slave is just so eager for it. Oh, yes, you got a taste of pussy and you love it, cunt-muncher.” Juana grinned with such triumph. “You're a lezzie muff-diver now.”

I wasn't. I just didn't want to be spanked. Even if it tasted so good, I didn't want to do this.

I licked again, harder, faster. I delved my tongue into my little sister's snatch. I swirled through her tunnel, making her groan and gasp. Making her moan. Such sweet sounds came from her lips. Her juices trickled down my chin, running down my neck to my shirt.

My every breath was full of her scent. I breathed in her musk as I drank her juices. Her tangy flavor stained my senses. Her hot silk rubbed on my lips as she gripped my hair, grinding her hot cunt on my face.

“Yes, yes, yes, you're my dyke-slave now,” groaned my little sister. “You're going to worship me forever, Carmelita. I'm going to train you. I'm going to own you. I do own you. That pussy. That mouth. Those tits. I own them all.”

She didn't. But…

No. I couldn't even pretend to enjoy it.

I glared up at her, forcing myself to hate her. It was so hard with my ass burning, my pussy dripping, my tongue licking. Her pussy felt so amazing on my mouth. She tasted so good. Why did I like this? I wasn't…

No. I wasn't. I wasn't gay. I liked…guys.

“To prove I own your pussy, dyke,” she grinned, “I'm selling it. You're part of my payment to Clint. You can fuck my slave's cunt.”

“Gladly,” Clint said, letting go of my arms.

I shuddered in shock as he grabbed my hips with his strong hands, lifting me up. I was forced to plant my hands on the ground, kneeling like a bitch between them. This couldn't be happening. A guy couldn't fuck my pussy.

No, no, no!

I groaned, trying to pull my face from my sister's pussy. I couldn't let this happened. I didn't want a guy to fuck my pussy. Even if my Mi…little sister told him he could. I whimpered, shuddering as his cock rubbed on my pussy.

“I own your cunt, dyke,” Juana moaned, her body shuddering. “And I'm giving it to a guy. I know you don't want to fuck him, but you will. Because you are mine!”

She let go of my hair, shuddering as she came on my mouth. She cried out in passion, running her hands through her dark, silky hair as she ground her pussy on my face. Her juices poured into my mouth. I licked them up, I drank them down, concentrating on her cunt and not on the cock rubbing at my pussy and—

Clint penetrated me.

I groaned anyways, my pussy drinking in the friction of his cock sliding into my sopping depths. I hated how much my body enjoyed it. How good it felt that he was in me, fucking me because Juana said he could.

She had sold my body to him.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck my dyke-slave,” groaned Juana. “Pound her cunt. Oh, god, she's licking my pussy even harder. Make her cum on that dick, Clint. I want her screaming into my cunt.”

“Oh, yes,” he agreed. “The little dyke loves my cock as much as you did.”

Clint drew back and then slammed into my pussy hard. My ass burned with stinging pain. It shot to my pussy, swirling with the friction and the humiliation. All three sensations—pain, pleasure, and embarrassment—swirled through me.

I shouldn't enjoy a guy fucking my cunt. But I was. My little sister gave me to him. And he fucked me so hard. He rammed that thick cock into me. My pussy walls absorbed the delight. It rippled through me, making me sway and groan.

“Fuck her hard, Master,” Lee groaned.

“Oh, yes, just pound that fucking dyke,” Melody groaned. “Just pound her so hard. Oh, fuck, Lee, get over here and lick my pussy.”

I knew Lee was a fucking whore. She fell to her knees, licking her older sister's pussy with such submissive obedience. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the black-haired girl bury her face into her older sister's shaved cunt, licking it so hard.

She was being such a good dyke-slave.

Then Clint fucked me harder. I gasped, the pain flaring in my ass. His cock was so long. It reached so deep into me. I shuddered at the humiliation, the shame, for enjoying a dick. I moaned into my sister's pussy, his thrusts pressing my face deeper into her snatch. I tongued her hard, thrusting into her sheath.

Feeling her pussy walls spasm as she kept cumming.

My little sister kept cumming on my tongue. She moaned and gasped over me, squeezing her small breasts, fingering her puffy nipples. She massaged them, stroking her swollen areolas while groaning and grunting, her juices flooding my mouth.

“Yes, yes, yes, my little dyke-slave,” she moaned. “Oh, you're eating my pussy so well. You're pleasing your Mistress so much. You're doing such a good job.”

An exhilarated surge went through me. My pussy clenched on Clint's dick.

“And you're fucking Clint. You're taking a man's cock without whining. Oh, I'm so proud of you, dyke-slave. Your Mistress is so proud of you.”

I licked my little sister so hard. I trailed my tongue up through her hot folds to her little clit. I swirled it and nuzzled it and then sucked on it. She screamed so hard, bucking on me, cumming with even more passion.

Clint groaned, loving the sight, plowing so hard into me. He gripped my hips, his balls smacking into my clit. Was he going to cum in me? Oh, god, I wasn't on the pill. What if he flooded my cunt? Would my…little sister let him…

Yes. Yes, she would.

I came.

My pussy went wild about Clint's cock. I couldn't believe how humiliating the pleasure was. I moaned like a dyke-bitch into my little sister's cunt as my snatch massaged his dick, eager for him to cum in me. To flood me. To use me.

My…little sister gave me to him. To be used.

“Yes, yes, yes,” howled my little sister. “Oh, yes, you're cumming so hard on his dick. Oh, that's so good, you little dyke-slave. You make your Mistress so proud. Oh, yes, you can cum in her, Clint.”

“Cum in her!” moaned Melody, experiencing her own rapture at her dyke-slave's tongue.

“Fuck,” Clint grunted. He buried into me. His cum unloaded.

My pussy milked his cock as his hot jizz spurted into my depths. I shivered, feeling my first ever guy cum in me. I moaned into my sister's pussy, another orgasm rippling through me. I trembled on my hands and knees, my ass burning, cheeks throbbing, my mouth full of pussy juices.

I came and came and came. I was such whore. A slut. How could I enjoy this?

I shuddered, tears spilling down my cheeks. And that just made my pussy spasm harder.


Cheryl Elliston

I found quite the surprise when I came home from work. A Hispanic girl, ankles in a spreader bar, her hands cuffed behind her back, a butt-plug shoved up her ass, her face buried into the pussy belonging to another Hispanic girl, younger and clearly her sister.

“Mom, that's Carmelita. She and Lee used to be friends,” Clint said. My son and Master was naked and so sexy looking, his muscles defined. “Juana is training her to be a good slave now. I'm helping.”

“She's the skank who used to bully Alicia?” I asked.

Alicia nodded, my youngest naked, her body so slim and pale, her brown pigtails swaying about her forehead. She pushed up her glasses. “Yes, she is.”

Then she gave Carmelita's already red ass a hard spanking, making her moan into Juana's pussy.

“Here's her mother's cell number,” Clint said. “Call her and let her know her daughters are staying the weekend. Alicia and Juana are new friends, and Carmelita and Lee are getting reacquainted.”

“I'm showing her how to be a good slave,” Lee said. My pregnant, nineteen-year-old niece also had her legs spread by a spreader bar, a butt plug shoved up her ass, and her hands cuffed behind her. She had her face planted on the floor, a happy smile on her lips as she wiggled her ass.

“Yes, Master,” I purred. “Your Mommy-slave will take care of everything.”

“Good,” Clint grinned, walking naked back to the dining room. “Spank her again, Alicia.”


Alicia giggled. “That's what you get, you dyke-slave, for being such a cunt.”

“Such a cunt,” Juana groaned. “But my little dyke-slave is learning that her mouth is for licking pussy not insulting people.”

My pussy clenched so hard. I rubbed my pregnant belly, still flat. It would be a while longer before I showed since I had only found out a month ago I was pregnant with my son's child. I pulled out my cell phone and called the number.

It rang a few times.

“Hello?” a Hispanic woman asked, using that tone everyone does when they don't recognize the number.

“Hi, you're Juana and Carmelita's mother, right?”


“Well, I'm Alicia Elliston's mother and Lee Samuel's aunt. And our daughters have become really good friends. So we were hoping to have Juana and Carmelita stay the weekend. It'll be a fun girls' time.”

“Weekend?” she asked. “I don't know. This is so sudden. I know Lee, but I thought she and Carmelita had a falling out.”

“And it's been patched up,” I laughed. “You know how it is at that age. It was about a boy, but now they're over it. And Alicia and Juana have become such good friends at college. But you don't have to worry. I'll be keeping an eye on them. As well as my sister. She's a professor at their college.”

“And you don't mind? The whole weekend?”

“I don't mind. My sister and I live next door to each other. And we have four daughters between us. Two more girls won't make a difference.”

“And you'll be supervising?”


I turned, smiling as Alicia rubbed Carmelita's bright-red ass, the older girl moaning into her younger sister's pussy. “Yes. I'll be here, watching over everything.” My hand crept down my skirt, pressing into my crotch. I was so wet. “So don't you worry. It'll be good, clean, wholesome fun.”

“Okay,” she agreed. “Since you are there. I know they're both technically adults, but i worry.”

“Wonderful,” I said and hung up.


“Lick her pussy, skank,” giggled Alicia, glancing at Clint with such worship in her eyes.

He gave her a nod, stroking his cock, and she beamed at him. It warmed a mother's heart to see her children so close. If I didn't have dinner to make, I would have joined the fun.


Alicia Elliston

“Oh, god, yes,” groaned Juana, trembling on the chair. “Oh, yes, you're such a good pussy licker, my dyke-slave.”

I grinned, loving the joy on my new friend's face as she put Carmelita in her place. I remembered that same delight when Lee was first dominated by Clint. After years of being teased by her, it was so satisfying to make her lick my pussy.

“Can I have a go on your slave's mouth?” my oldest sister Zoey asked. “I have to go to work soon, and I would love to go in buzzing.”

“She does love having her pussy licked before getting on stage,” giggled Stefani, Zoey's girlfriend. The pair were strippers, making so much money to help pay for our shared life. All of us had part-time jobs, too, working at Ms. Hiragawa's pharmacy.

“Sure,” Juana groaned, slipping off the chair, her body trembling. “She's a good pussy licker.”

Carmelita just panted, not saying anything. She squirmed, her rump clenching on the knob of the butt plug buried between her cheeks. I gave her one last smack and stood up as Juana stared at the assorted floggers and whips spread out on the table.

She glanced at me then grabbed the flogger with thin, red straps. She held it out, asking “Want to whip her with me?”

“Oh, yes,” I grinned, taking it.

She grabbed a black flogger with thicker straps.

“That'll give a more thudding slap than a stinging one like Alicia's flogger,” Clint said. “And don't go too hard. Don't put all your power into it. You want to hurt her, not harm her. Even at half your strength, she'll feel it.”

“Especially with her ass warmed up by our hands,” Alicia grinned.

Zoey sank down into the chair, her big tits bouncing. She had the biggest tits in the family, even bigger than Mom's. Her brassy hair tumbled off her shoulders as she leaned back, her lithe, flexible legs parting. She had a shaved pussy, a unicorn tattooed on her pubic mound like it was galloping across her.

“Enjoy, Yunie,” Stefani said, using her pet name for Zoey. The redhead leaned on the wall watching her girlfriend. I liked Stefani. She was such a flirty, outgoing girl. Always looking to have fun. I was so glad when she and Zoey joined my big brother's harem.

“Okay, let's do it,” Juana grinned at me, swinging her flail.

“Yes,” I giggled.

“Whip her ass hard,” Lee grinned. “I love it hard.”

“You're a pain slut,” I said, rolling my eyes. “You like it when we clamp your nipples and pussy lips.”

“Oh, yes,” groaned Lee.

“Mmm, Carmelita has thick pussy lips. Maybe we should clamp them,” Juana said, tugging on her older sister's labia. “Would you like that?”

“No,” Carmelita groaned between Zoey's thighs.

“No, what?” Juana hissed, her flogger cracking across Carmelita's rump.


There was still defiance in her voice even as she ate Zoey's pussy. She refused to admit she was a dyke even though it was so obvious. She was dripping wet and was just so eager to lick pussy. She tried to hide that, but it was in her eyes. And it was obvious my big brother didn't turn her on.

Which was a shame, because he was such a sexy hunk. I felt his eyes on my ass as I slapped my flogger across Carmelita's rump. I loved the stinging sound as the red, leather strips struck her red butt-cheeks. And it was even more exciting knowing my big brother was behind me, staring at my cute, girlish rear.

“Oh, yes, she moans so deliciously when you whip her ass,” Zoey panted, her big boobs jiggling a she ground her pussy into Carmelita's mouth. “Oh, and you just love pussy, don't you, little dyke?”

“Answer her,” snapped Juana, smacking her flogger into Carmelita's ass.

“I don't. I just have to lick your pussy,” groaned the Hispanic slave. “I'm not into girls.”

“Sure fooled me,” Zoey purred as Carmelita went back to her pussy feast. “The way you eat cunt… You love it.”

“Yeah,” I giggled and smacked her with my flogger. Not hard. I didn't like hurting people, not even a horrid bitch like Carmelita.

“That's it,” Clint groaned, rubbing at me from behind. His cock pressed into my back right above my ass. I was just so short, so tiny in my big brother's embrace. “Spank her, princess.”

“Yes, big brother,” I groaned, his hands cupping my budding breasts.

I swung my flogger harder as his fingers played with my nipples. I groaned, my pussy clenching. Then I shivered at the stinging impact and groaning moan. I shuddered, wiggling my hips. He leaned down, his cock sliding lower.

I loved my big brother's cock.

Juana whipped her sister's ass then I flogged her. I groaned, my pussy growing wetter, Clint's fingers so amazing on my nipples. He rolled my little nubs as I squirmed against him. He was so strong. My big brother was wonderful.

“That's it,” he panted, his hand sliding down my stomach.


“Whip her naughty ass,” he groaned, Carmelita gasping, Zoey shuddering.


His hand reached lower. My hand gripped the flogger, waiting for my turn. His fingers crossed my stomach.


Then Clint reached my shaved pubic mound. I had Lee shave me every other day, keeping my pussy pristine for my big brother, letting him see my tight, nineteen-year-old slit. I looked even younger. So girlish.


Then he found my clit. I groaned, my body bucking in his arms as he rubbed my nub with his rough fingers. The pleasure surged through me. The flogger fell out of my suddenly numb fingers. I didn't care about whipping Carmelita any longer.

She was just a filthy slave. I had my big brother's fingers demanding my attention.

“Mmm, bored of spanking her already, princess?” he asked, his lips inches from my ear.

“Yes,” I moaned. “I want to do something else. Please, big brother, you made my cunny all wet and tingly and…and I need you.”

“To do what?”

I loved being forced to say such dirty things. “I need my big brother to fuck my pussy!”

My words echoed through the dining room. Zoey groaned louder, flashing me a wicked grin. She understood. She loved fucking our brother's cock, too. She grabbed Carmelita's dark hair, grinding the skank's face into her pussy, moaning out her enjoyment.

“We can't have you with a hot cunny, princess,” Clint groaned. “Can we?”

I just whimpered, his finger stirring around my clit.

I didn't fight him as he pressed me to the floor. I was kneeling, my face staring right at Carmelita's ass, the black flogger falling over and over on her rear. Juana moaned her delight as she whipped her sister-slave. I had a front row seat, watching the skank's shaved cunt clenching with each blow, her juices flowing down her thighs.

Then Clint's cock pressed at my hot pussy. I was so wet. I didn't need foreplay. Not after spanking that bitch. That was foreplay. Nearby, Lee groaned in envy as she watched our big brother's cock press into my cunny.

He was so big.

“Yes,” I groaned. “Oh, yes, big brother. Oh, I need you in me so badly!”

His cock sank deeper and deeper into my pussy. My eyes rolled back into my head. I shivered, wiggling my hips and stirring his dick around in my cunt. It was so amazing. His cock filled me with incestuous delight.

I groaned, eyes locked on Carmelita's ass, the flogger falling over and over as Clint drew back his dick. So slow, teasing my cunny. He made me whimper and groan, loving the naughty sounds coming from my girlish lips.

My glasses slipped down my nose as I shuddered. “Big brother, I need more! I need you to…”

“Need me to do what, princess?” he groaned, sliding his cock so slowly back into my depths.

My back arched. “Need you to…hard. And fast.”

“What hard? What fast?” He slid his hands up my sides, cupping my immature breasts. “Tell me, princess.”

My cheeks burned. My pussy clenched on his dick. “I need you to fuck me so hard and fast, big brother!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Juana groaned. “Fuck your little sister while I whip my dyke-sister-slave!”


Clint groaned. It was like the wonderful crack of the flogger was the gun starting a race. My big brother pounded my pussy so hard, so fast. He plunged his cock so deep into my cunny, the friction burning so hard, rippling through my body. My pigtails swayed as I groaned and gasped, feeling so small and helpless.

Feeling so much like his little sister. His naughty princess.

He fucked me hard and fast. And I loved it.

I loved my big brother's cock reaming me. Plunging into my pussy. It was so amazing. I groaned and gasped, my pussy clenching on his big dick. The pleasure surged through me, making me swirl my narrow hips as his hands squeezed my tits.

“Such a wanton, slutty princess,” he groaned, pumping so hard. “Oh, yes, you are.”

“I am,” I moaned, bucking back into his thrusts, the pleasure roaring through me. “My cunny is so hot for your big cock. Oh, I need it. I'm wet all the time.”

He squeezed my tits harder, his dick thrusting faster, deeper. His balls slapped into my clit. Dizzy delight shivered through me. I groaned and gasped, watching the hypnotic fall of the flogger on Carmelita's ass over and over, flogging her, punishing her for being a bitch.

My orgasm swelled so fast through me. It was so hot to finally see that cunt get put in her place. And I got to enjoy my big brother's amazing cock at the same time. My little cunny clenched about his thrusting dick, eager for his cum to flood me.

Oh, I wanted to be bred. I wanted to get off birth control and carry Clint's child.

“Yes, yes, yes, you're making my cunny feel so good. So naughty,” I moaned, his fingers massaging my nipples, rubbing them, pressing them into my firm tits.

“Are you going to cum, princess?” he growled, pounding me, our flesh slapping together. “Are you going to cum on your big brother's cock? Huh, naughty princess?”

“Yes!” I squealed.

And came.

It was amazing.


Better than chocolate ice cream.

Better than watching fireworks.

Because fireworks exploded in my cunny. My pussy went wild about his cock. My flesh spasmed about his plunging dick as his pleasure shuddered through me. I groaned and gasped, joining Zoey as she came on the bitch's mouth.

And Clint's dick kept reaming me. Kept plunging into me. He made me shiver and shudder. He had me howling and convulsing. My pussy milked his cock, eager for his hot cum to spurt into my depths. Rapture boiled my mind.

And then it happened. That wonderful moment of union.

Clint's hot cum spurted into my depths. I groaned and shuddered. My big brother's jizz fired into my pussy. He basted my cunt. His jizz spilled into me. He pumped it over and over into my snatch. I shuddered, howling, groaning.

Loving my big brother so much.


Juana Campo

“Ready to admit you're a dyke?” I asked my older sister, my pussy on fire. Alicia slumped to the floor. Then Clint picked her up, holding his trembling little sister as she came down from her orgasmic high.

“I'm not a dyke,” Carmelita whined. She wasn't fooling anyone.

“Yes, you are,” Zoey groaned, lithely getting off the chair after her climax. “Ooh, I am ready to strut myself at work. Thanks for letting me borrow her, Juana.”

I nodded to Clint's oldest sister, the busty girl striding by. This was such a strange family. Clint's mother was cooking in the kitchen, naked, helped by his aunt (who also taught at my college). Pam and Melody were playing with their babies upstairs. And Lee was panting like a bitch clearly wishing I was whipping her ass and not my sister's.

Plus there was a Japanese woman wandering around that I didn't even know. She was another slave. Maybe Pam's mom. It wasn't clear. But she was in her office working on…something. I didn't know what.

And I didn't care. I had to attend to my sister.

“Well, if that's how you feel,” I said. “Then you would hate for me to fuck you with this.”

I grabbed my sister's backpack and pulled out the huge strap-on dildo she always threatened to fuck me with. The fake cock in there was thicker and longer than Clint's, and all black. It was veined and crowned like a real dick, a rubber replica.

“Oh, god,” Carmelita groaned.

“Oh, yes,” I purred, watching my sister struggle in her restraints. I pulled on the strap-on, my pussy on fire. I tightened the straps about my waist, adjusting the base to press on my clit. “How many poor lesbians did you fuck with this?”

She winced. “None. I bought that for you…Mistress.”

“For me?” I grinned, falling to my knees behind her well-spanked ass. “Oh, so you do want me to fuck you with this. Wonderful.”

“No, I—”

I rammed the thick cock into her dripping pussy, her words cutting off in a howling moan of pain and pleasure. She was so soaked from being spanked and “forced” to eat pussy, but it still stretched her cunt to its limits. The base of the monster dildo pressed on my clit as I slammed it into her depths. I shuddered, my pussy clenching. Pleasure surged through me.

It was more than the dildo pressing against my clit as I fucked my older sister. It was the sheer thrill of pounding her with the strap-on, to show her my dominance. Her ass was stuffed with the butt-plug, her hands cuffed behind her back. She was helpless. At my mercy.

And it was so intoxicating.

“Yes, take my big girl-dick,” I groaned, my hips hammering away, my pussy drinking in all the pleasure. “I know you love it. You're just so hot. So dripping wet. Being spanked, eating pussy, has made you so wet, so horny, my dyke-slave.”

“Oh, god,” she groaned.

“And that makes me so happy,” I panted. “Your Mistress is so proud of you, dyke-slave.” I had to keep saying that, reinforcing her with praise, reminding her that I owned her cunt. “Oh, yes, I love fucking my little dyke-slave.”

She just moaned and groaned, shuddering as I pounded her. My crotch smacked into her welted ass. I loved the slapping sounds and her grunts of pain, throaty with her pleasure. I grabbed her rump, squeezing, digging my fingers into her and making her squeal in agony and rapture.

Her hips moved, bucking back into me. My clit ached and throbbed from the force. The dildo massaged my little nub every time I thrust forward. Sparks of delight shot through me. I grinned, drinking in the pleasure, the thrill of fucking my big sister.

“Yes, yes, yes, love my girl-dick, dyke-slut. Cum so hard. It's your reward for licking everyone's pussy. For giving me and Zoey so much pleasure.”

“Oh, god,” groaned Carmelita. “Oh, god, yes!”

“Oh, your hot cunt just can't take it,” I panted, leaning over her, thrusting so hard. My stomach burned. I didn't care. I fucked through the ache, my pussy on fire. “You love your Mistress's girl-dick fucking your dyke-cunt!”

“Yes!” she panted, her cheek rubbing on the floor.

Our flesh slapping together echoed through the room. My pussy dripped juices down my thighs. I groaned, my orgasm building and building as I fucked her. I slammed into her so hard, making her squeal and shudder.

And then she spasmed hard. Her hands pulled at her cuffs. She bucked on the ground, cumming so hard on the monstrous dild. Her screams of rapture echoed through the room. It was so hot. I made my dyke-sister-slave cum so hard.

I orgasmed.

“Yes!” I howled. “Yes, yes, yes, you love it! You love being my dyke-slave!”

My body shuddered. The pleasure exploded through me. It slammed into my mind. It was so hot dominating my older sister. I dug my fingers into her ass so hard as the pleasure rippled through me. I moaned and gasped and swayed.

I drank in the rapture.

And then I leaned over her, the both of us panting. I pressed my stomach and tits into her back, feeling her restrained hands rubbing on my belly. I nuzzled against her ear as she panted. I nipped it. I owned her.

“Say it,” I groaned. “Say you're a lezzie-dyke-slut. My slave.”

“I'm not…Mistress. I'm straight. I like guys. I hate eating pussy.”

Her defiance made my pussy clench. I nipped her ear. “Don't worry. We have the entire weekend to convince you.”

Then I started pumping away, new pleasure tingling through my pussy. New moans coming from my sister. I would prove to her that she was my dyke-slave. She would admit it. She would scream it out.

And worship me. My older sister would be my sex slave!

To be continued…