My brother Brandon and I- Part 2

I start crying harder at the fact that he saw me watching him have sex, and now he must be super angry at me for doing that. Or disgusted. After finally crying myself out. I can hear him say “Come on, open the door and we can talk”. I hurriedly put clothes on and open the door timidly. Brandon is standing in the doorway of my room and I step back and let him inside. He sits down on my computer chair as I make myself comfortable on my bed. “Is mom really coming home soon?” I ask him. “No, I just needed to get her out of here. She didn’t see you, you know”. Oh good. I tell him. “so, what is going on? What made you do that? He asks.

Umm…. Well…. You remember a couple years ago when I caught you masturbating in your room, and then the bathroom? I watch you walk around the house in nothing but shorts and it turns me on. Well, I’ve had a crush on you since then. We’ve had a connection since we were little, and we’re close despite being 2 years apart. I’ve been watching you since then, why do you think I got into anime and video games? I want you to notice me. I want to do stuff to get me close to you. I look up to you. I love you for you and I understand you in a way other people don’t. I compare you to all the guy I date, especially Tommy, and you’re the only real one I want to be with. And I want to explore these feelings.

I know this is wrong, but I can’t help how I feel about you. I love you, and not just in a brotherly way. It kills me every time I see you with Betsy, knowing it can’t be me. I’m not talking sexually, I’m talking about how you treat her, take her on dates, open the car doors for her, compliment her and call her beautiful. Maybe if we were not brother and sister we could figure out how to make this work and if we like each other”. Brandon sits quietly for a few minutes processing all I’ve said to him. “I don’t know how this would work. I’ve thought about it, but never have really thought it’d ever be able to happen. But I do notice you. I notice what you wear around the house, I know when you play with yourself and have sex with Tommy because I can smell it in your room when I come in and ask you a question, and I want it to be me.

You have no clue how many times I’ve just wanted to bend you over and fuck you senseless over your bed when you come out of the shower wearing short shorts and a tank top and I see your hard nipples, and I masturbate to the thought of you. And Betsy is just someone I’m with since we can’t be together. He stops and see’s the stricken look on my face when he said can’t. He reiterates and says couldn’t. I want to try and see if we can possibly figure out how to make this work. I love you in more than a sister way as well. We’ll have to hide it from everyone and especially mom. I can see his cock growing as we’re talking. I don’t want you to be with anyone else either.” He says quietly. I lean over and grab his calloused hand and say, “Now what”.

“I’m not sure what’s going to happen, or how we deal with this. But right now, I’m going to fuck you. He stands up and starts to take off his clothes. I sit there frozen, because this just took a turn I didn’t think would happen, especially since I thought he’d be angry at me. Not have the same feelings as I do. As more of his body is revealed, my nipples get hard and my pussy starts throbbing and becoming wetter. He pulls down his shorts and his cock springs free. He’s not super long, he’s about 6.5 inches. But he’s thick. Which I love. I look at his face, and then his cock and he laughs and says “Come on silly, I’m not going to be the only one naked.” I hurriedly stand up and take my clothes off as well. He’s a good 8 inches taller than me. He looks me up and down. My short red hair, my average 46 C-D breasts, stomach and shaven tight pussy. “Lay back on the bed”. He says.

I lay down, my hair is cold and makes the pillow wet. I’m not sure if I should cover up or keep myself open. He sits on the bed and starts to tease my nipples. My head falls back, and he takes that as a sign to keep going. He keeps playing with my breasts for a couple minutes, then starts moving his hands down my body. He finally reaches my pussy, and I tense up. Not really knowing what he’s going to do or if he’ll like it. He starts to touch my pussy, and I lift my head up and I look down at him while he’s touching me. He starts to tease my clit and runs his fingers from my slit to my clit and back again making that whole area slick with my juices.

He puts his fingers in his mouth and sucks on them. “God you taste so good”. He says and smiles at me. He pushes my legs open so I’m fully open to him, and he gets in between my legs. “Has Tommy ever eaten your pussy before?” “No, it’s mostly about him cumming when we have sex”. Brandon’s breath tickles my most intimate of areas. “why do you stay with someone like that? “He asks. “well he’s funny, and attract-…” I stop mid sentence as he shoves his fingers inside my pussy and starts licking my clit. All rational thought goes out of my head as this is what I’ve been wanting and hoping for.

Having my brother lick my pussy is the best feeling in the world. I feel as if I could get lost in the feeling of his mouth on me. I grab his hair and lift my hips up pushing my pussy farther into his mouth as he eats me like he’s starving. He starts probing his tongue into my hole tasting my sweet juices and then he starts licking and sucking on my clit again as I start shaking and have my first orgasm from what he’s doing to my pussy. He continues to assault my pussy with is mouth, and I feel like I’m having an out of body experience from the pleasure. He pushes his fingers inside my pussy getting them wet and then tells me “I’m going to put my fingers in your ass, relax.”

He pulls his fingers out of my hole and starts sucking on my clit as he’s moving his hand down to my asshole. He slowly starts to push his fingers inside my ass, and then stops. “I’m letting you get used to the feeling, so I don’t hurt you.” He says. He goes back to sucking my clit as I cum again for him, as he uses that time to push his fingers a little farther inside my ass. He takes his thumb and pushes it into my pussy, so both those holes are filled and he’s doing everything he can to make me cum again.

I’m in absolute heaven having him fuck me like this, and I feel like I’m about to climb the walls and I can’t take much more. He shoves his fingers to the hilt in my ass and it’s stretched and contracting on his fingers tightly. He wraps his lips around my clit and sucks hard and I scream as I squirt cum on his face because I’m in so much pleasure. He stops, pulls his fingers out of me and sits up and looks shocked. “Did you just squirt for me?” “Yeah, I did.” I tell him. “You’re the first girl I’ve been with that has ever squirted, that’s amazing.” He says while his face is covered with my juices. “Thanks” I say bashfully while laughing. “Can I return the favor now?” I asked him as I got up off the bed. “Sure.” he says as he starts to reposition himself by laying on the bed and his cock is standing up proudly from his body like a flagpole.

I get up on the bed beside him with my face level with his cock and reach my hand out and grab him. His cock is thick, warm, throbbing slightly and silky to the touch. I slowly wrap my lips around his cock and start to lick the head of his shaft. I open my mouth wider to accommodate more of him and start to suck him like there is no tomorrow. I’m swirling my tongue around his head and trying to deep throat him without gagging. I grab his balls and start to squeeze them lightly, enjoying the weight and feel of them in my hands. Brandon starts smacking my ass and fingering me as I suck his cock, and I move lower to suck his balls.

They’re too big to fit more than one in my mouth at a time, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to do the best I can. He’s moaning in pleasure and tells me that no one has ever given him this good of a blowjob. I continue to lick and suck his balls and move back up to suck his cock as I taste the pre-cum coming from the tip of his cock. He’s salty and sweet at the same time. I am finally able to get his cock past my gag reflex as I start to deep throat him. I continue to bob up and down on his cock, making it go deeper with each second. “Stop, you’re about to make me cum.” He tells me. “I want you to. I want you to cum in my mouth.” He pulls me up and says I’m going to fuck you now, get on your hands and knees.

I get on my hands and knees on the bed, my tits are hanging, and my sensitive nipples are brushing the blanket. He pushes my shoulders down so my ass is higher in the air and I feel the bed shift as he’s positioning himself behind me. I’m dripping wet in anticipation as I’m waiting for him to fuck me. I can feel him start to rub his cock on my pussy, rubbing on my slit getting his cock wet with my juices so he can enter me easier. He’s breathing hard, and I can smell the scent of our sex in the air. My world is shattered when he enters me the first time. His cock is thick, and it really stretches my pussy open wide. I moan in pleasure, and he tells me “You’re so fucking wet and tight.”

He starts thrusting his hips as he pushes his cock deeper into my pussy, until he hits my wall and bottoms out and he grabs my hips tight. I start squeezing my nipples hard sending more pleasure through my body as I enjoy his cock fucking me. He picks up the pace and starts really hammering into me and I push my hips back meeting his every thrust. I’m moaning loud, and I can feel a massive orgasm building inside me. “Fuck my pussy harder please”. He pulls all the way out until the barest hint of his cock is at my entrance and then slams into my pussy all the way. Repeatedly. I start screaming “I’m cumming, I’m cumming”. And I cum all over his cock, and my pussy contracts like a vice holding his cock tight. After what feels like forever, my orgasm finally subsides, and Brandon tells me “I’m about to cum, where do you want it?” “Cum in my pussy Brandon.”

I cum on his cock again just saying his name. He pulls out and shoves in one last time and I can feel his orgasm building in his cock as his cum starts shooting into my pussy filling it with my brother’s warm seed until my pussy can’t hold anymore and it starts to spill out onto the bed once he pulls his cock out of my pussy. He’s shaking from the force of his orgasm and I feel him fall back on the bed. I turn and sit on the bed and I can feel his cum start to come out of me and it gets on the sheets. At this point I’m totally spent and I don’t care. I look at him, and he looks at me and we’re both quiet waiting for the other to speak.

“Now what? Was it what you hoped for?” he asks me. “It was amazing, and more than I ever dreamed of. I hope we can continue this, we just have to make sure no one finds out.” “What if I get pregnant?” “Well, I’ll take care of you. Of course. I’m getting a job at the local auto shop anyway this summer, so I can support us. I wouldn’t just let my sister be a single mom. I’m sure we can get married. I guess you’re not just my sister anymore. You’re my lover now. If that’s okay to call you that.” My eyes start to fill up with tears again as I start to cry. This time it’s not in sadness. It’s extreme happiness.

“Don’t cry Kathy. I wasn’t saying that to make you upset. I was just letting you know that I’d take care of you and our baby if you got pregnant.” I stop crying and look at him. “I’m just really happy. I love you, Brandon.” “I love you too”. I smile and get closer to him and kiss him passionately. With as much force as I can muster. “I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.” He kisses me back, and we’re making out with as much love and passion only a sibling can have for one another. We are still kissing as we hear the front door open and the voice of our mom yells out “Kathy, Brandon I’m home. Come help me with the groceries!” We stop kissing and look at each other in horror. Shit. Brandon runs to the bathroom and I can hear the shower turn on and I start getting dressed to head downstairs. I look in my mirror and I can see that I have the just got fucked look. I grab my hair brush off my nightstand and try to brush my hair and get it somewhat tamed before heading downstairs. “Hi mom! How was work today?”

To be continued…