My Mothers Visiters, PART 2

It didn’t take long for Alex to give in to his sickening urges. Within three days of seeing his mother bent over the family couch and fucked anally, he had given up trying to suppress the images. He found himself jerking off at least 10 times a day, every time picturing his mother on her knees, relentlessly sucking on the mans cock. He could picture the sound of her mouth and tongue, the soft wet slurp and pop, the look in her bright green eyes. He pictured her pleading with the man- and what tuned Alex on most was the look on her face when she realized she had no choice but to do what the stranger made her do. She was no more than a soft little cum receptacle and she knew it. What's more, she accepted it.

Alex couldn’t jerk off enough, his balls were continuous full and swollen and begging for release. A release he gladly allowed himself. He found himself looking at his mother in a whole new light. He caught himself staring at her thick ass or down her shirt at her heavy breasts whenever he could. Looking at her long smooth legs while she drove him to school made his cock scream and he started every day jerking off in the boys washroom before class.

Except Friday. Friday was the same, he stared longingly at her huge fat ass while she was bent over the sink washing dishes, he bit his lip as he looked down her shirt at the heavy mounds of her tits, and his little cock trembled on the ride to school as he looked at her legs. But he decided not to jerk off. He had to flip his erection up into his waistband to hide the throbbing stiffness, but he didn’t want to cum. He wanted to save it for later that night.

Every weekend, Friday through to Sunday, his mother had guests over. Only last Saturday had he discovered that those guests were more than just friends. He planned to watch her again.

She had three different men over that night. After being sent to his room for the night, Alex heard his mother in her room getting dressed. When she was safely back downstairs, he went back to his spot at the top of the stairs, looking down into the living room. Her shoulder length blondge hair was up in a sexy ponytail, a single strand falling down the side of her face. Her breasts were pinned together by a tight pink sports bra and her ass was almost entirely visible through a skin tight pair of yoga pant capris. Alex’s was worried for a second that maybe she wasn’t going to have any “guests”, but rather simply wanted to work out. His fears were quickly absolved when she looked at a text on her phone and got up to answer the door.

The man closed the door behind him, dropped and envelope on the floor and started undoing his pants. Jessica turned and bent over to pick it up, slowly, keeping her legs straight and lower back taut, bending down, down down, sticking her thick ass in the air. Her breasts hung down to the floor, despite the sports bra doing everything it could to hold them, her tits hung pendulously downwards. The man was behind her and on his knees in a flash. He was rubbing his face all over her ass, burying his nose as deep into the yoga pants as he could manage- which was deep. Her fat wide ass engulfed him. She cooed gentle encouragement as the man ripped her pants down around her knees and shoved his face in once more, this time all the way in. He was tonguing her tight little asshole right there. The man wasn’t even three steps into the house and already his tongue was penetrating his mother’s asshole. She pressed her hands and face into the front door to steady herself against his vicious assault. Her enormous tits pooled against the door, pressing the fat outwards to strain against the bra. She couldn’t keep from letting out several small gasps of pleasure every time he withdrew his tongue only to force it back in.

When he was satisfied he stood up, his cock now hard as a rock. He sunk slowly into her pussy like a hot knife into butter. He took her ponytail in his fist and pulled her head back while the other hand held her ass open so he could see his cock going in and out. She groaned. He was so excited he was telling her he was gonna cum within 30 seconds.

“Make sure you pull out baby.” Jessica moaned.

“Aww come on, I’ll pay you double!”

“You know the rules, only he can cum inside me.” He groaned, not in pleasure but frustration, yet still he plowed on, fucking her pussy. Soon enough he pulled himself out and a hot stream of cum erupted from his cock, painting her exposed lower back and ass with a thick white cream. He immediately got on his knees are started licking his mess off of her.

“That’s a good boy.” she cooed.

Alex cringed a little when he saw that, averting his eyes if only for a moment. But no longer than a moment. Even though the thought of a man licking his own cum off of a woman was disgusting to him, he couldn’t help being slightly more turned on watching it happen. Alex imagined it was his mother, being so perfect of body, so thick and curvy of breasts and ass with only the smallest hint of a belly – yet even that was sexy- that she must drive men to do these wild depraved things. The filth of it all drove him mad with lust, his balls ached and his head swam. His mother accepting money for sex, submitting herself to being anally raped in her own home, wearing slutty clothes and letting this man tongue her tight little shit hole and lick his cum from her. It was all so utterly depraved. And the worst, yet best of all, was the fact Alex was watching his own mother do it all.

The man was done with her and already making his way out the door. It had been less than ten minutes.

The next guy took his time.

Jessica had come back up the stairs to change, Alex barely getting back into his room in time. When she went back downstairs and Alex resumed his position he saw her in the living room checking her phone again. She was wearing a purple velvet corset that hugged her fat tits together tightly and a pair of latex thigh high heels that glued themselves all the way up her calves and half way up her ample thighs, tight as skin.

The man that came spent an entire hours just massaging her ass. He even went down on her. When he was ready he fucked her on the floor with her lying face down on the carpet. She was completely prone while the man took her from above, pounding into her ass, each thrust creating a forceful ripple effect down her massive mounds. He had her roll over so he could cum on her face when she was done. He left the envelope on the table.

The third man came in for a blowjob. Apparently they had arranged for him to come after the second man had used her as she left his cum on her face the entire time. She looked like a cheap whore as the cum of another man dripped down her face while her mouth was full of a completely different mans cock. He blew his load under her chin and watched it run down her neck between the seam of her tits.

When he was done and out the door, Jessica took all the envelopes of money she had earned and put them in a flower pot above the fireplace mantle. Alex snuck back to his room as she came up the stairs. She got cleaned up once more and went back downstairs, dressed in normal clothes, a snug pair of jeans and a v neck tank top. She sat in the living room with a glass of wine and laid back into the couch. The same couch she and Alex spent every Sunday watching Game of Thrones on together. The same couch she had been laying on for an hour while one of her callers worshipped her gelatinous ass for an hour before putting her on the floor to fuck her. The same couch she took a cock up her ass on, weeping.

Alex assumed she was done for the night and resigned himself to his room for a good long jerk off session. But as he was deep into his nights pleasure he heard the door open. He hadn’t heard his mother get up, someone had opened it with a key from the outside. He quietly snuck back out from his room, stiff cock guiding the way, and went back to his spot at the top of the stairs.

This man was tall. Alex couldn’t see his face because he was facing the other way, watching his mother Jess walk to the mantle to retrieve the envelopes. He took a seat, spreading his legs nice and wide, one foot up on the table. Jessica had taken the envelopes down from their hiding place and started back.

“No,” he said, voice deep and commanding, “step back.” She did. She stopped dead in her tracks and took a couple steps back until she was against the mantle. “Take that shirt off, bra too.” He was reclined deep into the couch, sipping on Jessica’s wine. His mother obediently pulled her shirt over her head, then pulled her bra up. She didn’t unclasp it from behind, she pulled it from the bottom of her breasts just like her shirt, the friction pulling her massive tits up, up, up, until they fell down in a heavy mound of soft, creamy white titflesh, tipped in a hard pink peak with swollen wide areolas. Her heavy breasts made an audible slap as they fell onto her abdomen. “Good girl. Now, put the envelopes in your mouth like a dog- a bitch- and get on your hands and knees. I want you to crawl towards me. Keep that head low and that big fat ass high.” And she did. The envelopes were almost dragging the against the ground her head was so low. Her breasts, being as big as they were- were dragging against the ground. Her raised ass formed two crescents, rising and falling as she moved towards him. Her tight jeans were strained against the width of her ass and pulled down enough to reveal the black lines of her g-string directing all attention to the bare skin of her upper ass.

She was under him now. He took the envelopes from her mouth and opened them, counting the money in each, tallying it all up. “You did good Jessica.” He reached down and brushed her hair, petting her like a dog. He leaned back, sipping her wine, making a show of being deep in thought, weighing decisions. Finally he put his foot on the ground and wine glass on the table. “You’ll use your tits tonight.”

“Yes sir.” She said, immediately. And just as quickly she had unbuckled his pants and put them aside, pulling herself between his legs and unsheathing his massive cock. Even soft it was a good 7 inches. She gently tugged on it with her hands and it hardened, fast. Faster than Alex had ever gotten hard. Erect he must have been 9 full inches, and thick. His cock was scary big. Alex had seen big dicks in porn before, but in real life, standing longer than his mother's face? It was shocking. The head was a bright red, angry looking bulb the size of a tennis ball and the shaft was a godlike tower of hardened meat and bulging veins that pulsed visibly, making his cock yawn up and down. His mother stared at it religiously. She wrapped her tits around his heaving horse cock and went to town.

It was unlike anything Alex had seen his mother do before, and Alex was almost certain he had seen her do everything already. This was something new though- not the titfucking, almost all her guys wanted that- but the passion. She wanted to pleasure this man. He was special. She worked his dick like a goddess. She made sounds and faces that she had never made before. The man gently brushed her face and started bucking his hips up towards her fat tits, fucking them.

“Where do you want my cum, slut?” He demanded.

“Inside me!” She was breathless, not from exhaustion but desperation. She wanted his seed so badly.

“Then come get it.” She immediately jumped on him, right out of her pants and then mounted him, impaling herself onto his cock. She took all of it. Every single inch. The first half flew in, but the rest she slowly rode down to the base, throwing her head back in ecstasy. He unloaded himself in her instantly.

“Oh god baby, fill me up. Flood all that baby making cum into me, oh jesus, YES!” She was manic. Writing and swaying on top of him like a deranged woman. He simply thrust himself into her with every throw of his orgasm, grunting all the while. He slapped her tits around a little and gave her a couple more cursory thrusts with his massive dick before rolling over and laying her down on the couch. He pulled himself out of her- she was lying blissfully on the couch, blonde hair tousled about her face, breasts sloping to the sides and her legs entirely limp- but his cock was still erect, and judging by the pool forming around his mother's pussy, Alex knew he had already cum. How could his dick be so hard still? It's practically pointing UP!
He pulled his pants back up, buckled them against the strain of his whopping dick and pocketed the cash on the table. Jessica stood and hugged him. Standing side by side, he towered over her, her head barely touching his chest.

“Good girl.” He cooed while brushing her hair.

“Mmmf.” She agreed lazily, still floating in a hazy cum fog.

“Just one thing before I go-” he said, pulling her face up to look at him, “that guy who fucked you in the ass? I dealt with him.” He brushed a hair out of her eyes, almost lovingly. Then he slapped her across the face. “But don’t you ever, ever, let another man in that little fuck hole of yours again. You use your hands, you mouth, your tits, your pussy, but that asshole belongs to me. No one fucks you in the ass, and no one cums inside you. Two. Simple. Fucking. Rules.” She was on the floor, hand on her face where she was struck, nodding. “Do you like when I fuck you?”

“Yes, sir….” She replied, a whisper.

“Do you like how I make sure all your bills are paid? All your food bought? All your fancy clothes purchased?”

“Yes, sir….”

“But you don’t like me fucking you in the ass?”

“No, sir, it hurts so much, I can’t handle it. You’re… you’re just too big, sir.” Her eyes were on the floor, ashamed.

“That’s right bitch, I’m too big for that perfect little knot of an asshole you have. And if I can’t fuck it, no one can. That guy that took you without my permission? I choked him on my cock til he passed out. You won’t see him again. I take care of my girls, you know that. Don’t ever let that shit happen again. Someone starts fucking around, find one of your emergency signals and I’ll take care of it. Someone wants to fuck you in the ass? I’ll fuck THEM in the ass, right in front of you. See if they ever want to be near you again after being emasculated like that. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good girl. Come here.” He gave her a hand and pulled her up, embracing her in another hug. “Go on, you’re done for the night, get cleaned up. I’ll give you some rest, you only got one client tomorrow. Probably won’t even show up, sounded real nervous on the phone. Bet he’s gonna flake at the last minute like these high school kids always do. Anyways, he wants you blindfolded. Says he’ll be here around 8pm and wants the door left unlocked and you in the living room sitting in your bra and panties, blindfolded waiting for him. Just gotta do whatever he asks, except my two rules. Give him half an hour before taking the blindfold off. If he does show up, it’ll be easy money.” He gave her a kiss on the head, another small hug, and he was off. His fat cock still bulging against his pants.

Alex couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if the kid didn’t show up. From 8 to 8:30 his mother would be sitting blindfolded in the living room in nothing but her lingerie… Alex’s cock stirred. He was so distracted he was almost caught by the tall man as he was on his way out. Luckily the man had a thought and turned around.

“You know what…” He unbuckled his pants and let them fall to the floor. “I could use a little bit of that mouth before I go.”

She was smiled. He smiled. And once more she found herself on her knees, under the shadow of the longest, thickest, veiniest cock Alex had ever seen.

Alex went to his bed and jerked off to the sound of his mother sucking the mans cock. He jerked off at least fifteen times. His balls were completely empty and aching, but he could still hear his mother downstairs, on her knees sucking and sucking and sucking.

Mmmmf, sluuuurp


Ohhh baby. Mmmm!