The Frontier IV – The Twist

Jackey woke in a cold and lonely room. There was no light, save for a tiny breach below the door which was maybe four feet away from her. She tried to stand but couldn't, her hands were tied above her head to separate ends of a thin steel pole. And her legs were wrapped in make shift rope. Clothes were bundled up in front of her – she assumed that it was removed from the pole above her to make space for her to be bound.
She caught on quickly to just what was happening. She pieced together her memories – tiny parts of what happened earlier appeared in her mind's eye.
"Holy fucking shit" She remembered what she could only describe as a ghost attacking her and miss Smith.
"Why would a ghost lock me in a closet?" she said under her breath as she tugged at her binds. Then she heard a booming voice in the distance "NO!" and then a commotion. Glass shattered. Furniture screeched. A girl shrieked out in fear. A wolf growled then there was a shattering 'bang' – followed by a deafening silence. Jackey felt a wave of chills spread from the back of her neck down her spine and then to her toes. She started breathing in a panicked manner of short breaths while she was tugging at her binds to get loose.
She kept on tugging for a while and just as the bind stretched far enough she slipped her one hand free. She started working on the other hand, when it too was free she felt a surge of relief rush over her. But that vaporized instantly when she heard a heavy footstep outside her door.
Jackey wanted to run, she wanted to hide but in a cubicle like this she knew she had been found out.
Carl opened the door by ripping it off its hinges. Light surged into the small space and he saw Jackey bundled up in the corner of the room – sobbing in fear of what was to come. She looked up to Carl expecting a monster but instead he saw the injured figure of a familiar face. Carl was in a bad shape. He had deep claw cuts on his chest and midriff. His shoulder was a mess of lacerations and his face was painted red with blood.
"Come" He said in a voice that sounded much deeper than Jackey had remembered it to be. Jackey looked over to him one more time before standing , he was carrying a limp body on his back.
"We need to go now!" Carl reached down and pulled Jackey up with a rugged tug that flung her against his chest. Her soft skin was in perfect contrast with his, which was bloodied and broken. Her face was slightly bruised but that too was a contrast to his battered face. The three of them moved out into the hallway as a single entity. in the distance were roars and demonic screeches and Jackey hesitantly let Carl lead her.
"Carl where were you? What's going on?" She nagged with the same questions a few times as Carl remained silent.
"Frankensteins monsters have come back to haunt their creator… and she couldn't fend all of them off" Jackey was more confused than ever. They walked into the room of Stacy's cabin where the fireplace looked out on the wild. the windows and most of the walls had been ripped away and a giant wolf lay dead in front of the fire, black blood still oozing from a wound in its throat.
"Is that what attacked you?" Jackey asked still nagging in Carl's ear.
"Yes- but please Jackey I need you to be quite if you want to live through the night"
Outside in the snow there was a commotion – Carl noticed it and he put Stacey down in the corner of the room where she was out of sight. Then Carl reached for a makeshift dagger he had made from a shard of glass and cloth. He placed it in Jackey's hands.
"I have to go help her – but if anything comes your way, play dead and use this when your close enough to kill it" Jackey wanted to object but with his last word Carl vanished. Jackey was confuse and petrified. She hid the blade under her blouse and laid her body down next to Stacy's.
She noticed Stacy was completely naked which made her reflect on her own body. Jackey saw that she was only in her underwear, a black sports bra and panties to match. She cuddled up to Stacey suddenly realizing how cold it was.

Carl sprinted through the woods dodging trees in his invisible form until he came upon the scene he had pictured from a distance. Danielle had been pinned to a tree. Shackles were around each of her hands and two strange creatures were pulling on them forcing her chest and face into the tree. She was encircled by maybe ten creatures, two of which were holding the chains pinning her to the tree. All of them were strange, deformed in some way or manner except for one.
Carl assumed him to be the leader as he walked up behind Danielle.
"Your power is broken malady – we have shut you out of your kingdom of shadows and now… I shall plant the last blow on your defeat" he walked up behind her his black clothes vanishing much as hers did before she was stripped and bound. The man had short black hair and broad shoulders. He had a full figure of muscles which became even more clear as he grabbed Danielle. His right palm forced her face into the tree which made her shriek violantly as her hair was being pulled and her face was caused to bleed by the coarse bark. The hulk of a man used his left hand to guide his member in between her butt cheeks.
He laid his chin on her shoulder "I have waited long for this moment"
He inhaled the scent of her hair then moved to defeat her. The piston movement the creäture had initiated was interrupted by four deep cuts on both sides of his neck. His arteries burst open spraying streaks of blood over the snow. It fell to its knees.
Danielle wasn't sure what exactly was going on but she felt relief shower over her as she was spared from the intrusion she was sure to have suffered. Carl became visible. The power seemed to fade out as another took over. His finger nails had grown into talons. The beasts holding Danielle down, took the separate ends of the chains and tied them together behind the tree. While they did this their companions leapt at Carl.

In his eyes they were moving slowly. It was a simple feat to move between their bodies slashing and stabbing his way around them. He struggled to give lethal blows but he had to make due. After a minute or two of fighting most of the creatures were either bleeding out or fleeing into the forest.
Carl stood among the dead on alert ready to strike if there was anything more he needed to face. Then he relaxed, moving over to Danielle. He didn't move to cut her down though he needed to speak with her first. He went and stood next to her placing a talon on her back as incentive.
"Why didn't you just strip them of whatever power you gave them?" Carl was still aggravated he needed answers and he needed them now.
"Not now Carl… Cut me down" She said tugging on the chain. Carl noticed symbols that were etched into the surface of the cuffs around her wrists. He made note of what they were in a manner which would allow him to replicate them later if he needed to.
"Why don't you just vaporise and free yourself like you always do?" She looked at Carl annoyed – but she didn't take in account what he had been through since he took those women into the cabin. He too didn't have patience for games. The talon sunk into her back causing her to scream.
"ANSWER ME" His voice boomed, the sound startled the two creatures who were behind the tree, prompting them to attack. The one moved like piece of cloth in the wind, as it slammed into him, the other followed up with blasts of fire from its bird like mouth. Carl dodged the follow up attacks quite well. He leapt forward on the attack after recovering from the sudden assault. He was a blur in the eyes of all those arround him and his razor sharp talons made quick work of the two new threats albeit at a cost. A blast of fire had seared his right forearm. It was a second degree burn and the pain was hard to keep at bay but he locked it away as he walked up to Danielle.
"Now give me answers" the talons were maybe two inches long with most of the length curled into a sickle, they were also quite thick. She remained defiantly still, so he made a rugged movement to get close to her his mouth was at her ear and his groin was pressing against her ass. Both hands moved in between the tree and her body, the one groped her breast making her writhe slightly in an attempt to get loose while the other hand planted it self on her groin.
"Why can I do now what I could never do? Are the chains locking away your power?" the talons started fiddling with her lips and slit. She writhed tugging at the chains and starting to moan as if to cry. She wanted to answer him but she refused to give over her dominance to the boy.
"Very well, then I'll just take you. Hard and cold. And leave you here until they come back." He said in a have-it-your-way manner.
"I refuse to be your lesser Carl – and we both know with me in this position you would take me hard and cold anyway. The more you use those powers the less control you will have… and you can't blame me for not trusting you to have any. In your heart you know you cannot walk away from me" She said, still proud.
"Answer me and we'll see" He said tightening the grip of both his hands.
She groaned, if she had the power she was used to she might have found his invasive use of his talons arousing… now though she jsut found them painful. "I have enemies too, and over time they have developed a few ways to beat me down. But they have never succeded until this night…"
"Were these your creations?" he asked loosening his grip.
"Yes… and no. I tested them and they failed – so I cursed them to those forms. They must have found each other along the way and set up this plot" She gave up on tugging on the chains and now she was merely hanging.
His grip on her released and he took a step back.
"Will there be others?" He asked with a look of contemplation on his face.
"Yes… even Fenris turned on me" She said letting her head hang.
"No! He did exactly as you asked… you told him to kill Stacey and me too if I came in the way" he said his claws growing longer and darker.
"I told him to stop, didn't I?" She said arrogantly.
"and how did that work out for you?" Carl Jested to his body littered with lacerations and bruises. She turned her head to look at his body then looked back towards the tree.
"I'm sorry Carl" she said with genius sympathy lingering in her voice.
"Well maybe that's not good enough…"he walked up against her his teeth clenched in rage.
She could feel his member pressing against the small of her back.
"It's okay – do your worst. I suppose I deserve it" Her words were followed by a violent scream. He slammed his talons into the tree ripping free a sizable junk of wood and bark on both sides of her midriff. He then turned around. Melancholy seeped over the scene.
"Carl – Please don't leave me here" she said thinking he was turning his back on her because he wanted to leave. He fell to his knees, his hands turning back to normal. The buzz he was experiencing also faded. The world caught up to his speed, he slowly became himself again.
"I know what I did was wrong – but do you have any idea what it is like when you have lived a thousand lives? I've tried to blend in with humans. I had been hated, tormented and worse still, forced to watch my loved ones fade as I remain the undying. I have a near endless pool of power – can you blame my arrogance" She said pleading to him over her shoulder.
"It doesn't seem near endless now…" he said sarcastically.
"For the love of… Carl please just get me down from here. I might not be human but I can still feel humiliation" This seemed to convince Carl. He stood up and walked over to bind on the other side of the tree.
"I don't know how I'm going to get this loose…" he said fatigued.
"Use your claws?"
"They're gone…"
"Great, how did they join the chains?"
"They twisted the together and melted them in place… I can't undo that" those words were followed by profanities Carl didn't understand.
"Carl! Are you alright?" Jackey's voice came from a few feet behind Danielle. She was still too far to see the bodies in the dark.
"Jackey stop where you are, please" Carl started in her directions.
"But why…" She stepped on something she though was sludge and looked down to see a corpse. She shrieked so loud Carl had to cover his ears. In the process she also dropped the glass dagger she was holding.
"Jackey…" Carl said running up to her and embracing her. She started crying on his chest as he hushed her.
"Jackey… Jackey…" He said making sure she looked him in the eyes.
"I need you to be brave. Go inside and make sure Stacey is alright. She took a hard blow to the head… I need to know that she's okay!" Jackey hesitantly looked away. She looked back after the pause and nodded then started up the hill and into the cabin.
Carl turned back to Danielle "Is there some other power that I can use on the chain?"
"Too many to mention… but you haven't evolved them yet and your system is done with power for now…" She said after pulling on the binds with all her might. The tree was far to thick to cut down. Carl walked over to one of the bodies "This one brough a firemans' axe to a claw-fight… Cheater" Carl bent over picking it up. He then turned it so that the spike at the rear of the axe was the facing end. It took him a few attempts but he hit a link snapping cracking it as the spike wedge into it's core. he then used the axe as a leaver and pushed upwards. Danielle cried out as her arm was twisted in an angel that would have broken a human limb. Then it snapped loose and she fell into the snow breathing heavily.
"Thank you Carl… I will repay that debt someday" Carl didn't seem to hear her words. He was just looking at her sweaty body laying there spread eagle and out of strength.
"Repay that debt now it now." He said falling on her. Her legs were spread and as he fell it was too late to deny him. She looked at him as he stared into her eyes. She felt a very human emotion then. One she had not imagined to feel. She felt a spurning in the pit of her stomach as her heart skipped a beat.
His eyes seemed to suck her in she lifted her face on his until their lips tenderly met. Carl then kissed back more vigorously indulging in the moment. on hand fled down to his pants pulling his member free, He interrupted the kissing to guide himself into her and when he did she exhaled.
"I've never felt like this before!" she said followed by biting on her bottom lip. She moaned with lust as he started moving to and fro. His hands explored her body. It seemed like unfamiliar territory. Her breasts were firm yet ample under his touch. He pressed his face into her neck and nibbled on her skin softly. This made her groan with excitement.
"Carl!" She shrieked in excitement as she started building to a climax. Then she started shuddering but he did not relent. Even though she was convulsing and spamming he kept at it. She clawed at his back as her legs locked behind his back. He grinned slightly knowing that he still had a few minutes before he would come.
She Felt another orgasm building in her lions even though she was still amidst her first. She laughed ridiculously then pulled together. Carl grunted as he too reached his peak. Every muscle in his body flexed for a moment then he collapsed on top of her – his head resting on her breasts. Then suddenly he felt stronger – more alive. His joints stopped aching and his wounds stitched themselves up leaving tiny scars as reminders that they were once there. Danielle on the other hand passed out. Carl stood up cradling her in his arms. from there he walked her into the cabin.

Once inside Carl looked at Jackey she had managed to get herself and Stacey dresses. Stacey had been dressed in a fur jacket. That was all that Jackey seemed to have had time for. Ironically she was fully dressed in winter wear. it must have taken her most of the time.
"Who's that, is she alright?" Jackey waddled over to Carl inspecting the woman in his arms.
"Yeah, she'll be fine. Can you get her a coat aswell?" Carl didn't look up at Jackey he was scanning the room for a place he could lay down his passenger.
"umm.. okay sure" Jackey brushed her hair behind her ear consciously. She ran off back to the closet and emerged with a pink jacket that was padded for extra insolation. Carl was gone by the time she got back, he had left Danielle on the couch next to where Stacy had been moved.
Jackey walked up to Danielle and knelt in front of her horizontal figure.
"You're pretty… I guess it's no wonder that he wanted to go save you…" she scanned the girl's body. Taking note of her breasts and then moving further down between her legs. She saw the glistening remains of what Carl and Danielle had done. As if she was in a trance, Jackey reached out and touched her. A sticky substance clung to her fingertips. She spread Danielle's lips to inspect it more and just as a finger reached a bit too deep Danielle snapped awake. a Strong hand gripped Jackey by the wrist while the other pulled her hair backwards.
Jackey screamed in surprise but Carl had already turned the shower to full steam and he couldn't hear a thing. Danielle lunged on Jackey pinning her separate wrists to the floor.. Jackey tried to fight back but it was futile. Danielle opened her eyes and now they were glowing orange.
She placed her lips on Jackey's, which were sealed. Danielle forced the intertwining of their fingers then closed her grip forcing Jackey to scream. And when she did Danielle slid her toungue seductively into the young girls mouth. After a few moments of invading the girls' mouth she moved down biting at the skin on Jackey's jaw line, then that of her neck, in small descending movements until eventually she had a nipple between her teeth, which she sucked on and nibbled at. Jackey was writhing from a mixture of pain and pleasure. Both of which she had not tasted before in her life.
"Please… Please stop!" She had tears welling in her eyes but she wasn't sure if it was from guilt or from agony.
"Hmmmm, you don't smell like you want me to stop?" Danielle spoke in a voice that existed out of multiple voices, and inhaled deeply before speaking.
"Fine I'll be more gentle" Danielle seemed different. Not just different from before all that happened that night… but different from any of the appearances she'd made before. Her movements were less graceful. Her approach less cunning.
She explored the young girls body and soon found her pleasure spot.
"Hmmm, now gently little girl. Don't make me fight you for it, hehe" she grinned in a juvenile manner and quickly started rubbing between the girl's legs. There was no pattern in the motion but it got the job done. By the time that Carl had finished his shower and re-entered the room the girl was screaming from pleasure squirting juices on the carpet.
Neither of them saw Carl approaching but he wasn't shy to announce himself.
"Are you two enjoying yourselves?" The girls both jumped, startled. Jackey covered herself in shame while Danielle jumped up and moved to Carl.
"You must be Carl!" She hit him with some momentum throwing him back against the wall. He was stunned for a second as Danielle started speaking at a fast pace close bringing her face close to his.
"It's nice to finally meet you!"
"Danielle, are you alright?" Carl seemed generally concerned.
"Yes… and no, depending on how you look at it! Yes I'm okay because I'm extremely healthy and no I'm not okay because I'm extremely horney" She spoke while taking a few steps back and then a few steps forward. She stood with the tip of her nose touching his. Her mouth was ajar as she exhaled moist breaths of warm air on his lips.
She locked eyes with him.
"Your eyes… they are…" He seemed under some sort of spell.
"Exciting?" she finished his sentence for him. Then as he moved forward to kiss her she fell to her knees. And ripped the towel from around his waist. She didn't hesitate as she started taking his full length into her mouth and throat. She moved skillfully and quick. in contrast with her actions a mere minute ago. Jackey watched from afar as Carl placed a hand on the back of Danielle's head.
Jackey started to feel as if she had been abused but then her eyes locked on Carl. HIs mouth was ajar, steam evaporating of his broad shoulders. His chest and midriff were covered in well formed muscles and so were his arms. That wasn't the same body she used to see in gym class. She wasn't complaining though. She loved observing him for a while.
It wasn't long until Carl was at his peak, somehow she sensed it and brought her motion to a stop. His eyes snapped shut with excitement. He was frustrated by the interruption but it only endured a few seconds before he felt something new take over. Danielle had somehow pulled Jacky all the way across the room in what seemed to be an instant. She was shy, inexperienced and unprepared but She had gone this far before. Her soft lips surrounded his member and she slowly moved her face closer. For a second Carl believed that Danielle was forcing Jackey… but Jackey had a hunger to feed and instinct had taken over. Soon she was hungrily moving her head to and fro as she repeatedly engulfed his length. He had refrained from putting his hands on her head out of the fear of hurting her with his rugged motions. But as he started coming he grabbed her head with both hands and pulled her against him. He could hear her gagging as he emptied himself into the back of her throat. Then he went limp sliding down the wall until he was sitting in front off her. Her eyes had teared up and she had thin strip of drool on her chin.
But she was smiling with blissful happiness. She crawled closer to Carl and pulled up under his shoulder. When Carl looked to his other side Danielle had done the same.
"We should…" Danielle planted a kiss on his shoulder.
"… hit the road…" Danielle place a hand between his legs and he could feel himself stirring.
Danielle smiled deviously as she started stroking him until he was fully erect again "It seems that we still have a long night ahead of us…"
Carl smiled knowing that the road could wait till sunrise.