The Royal Genies – Chapter 08 – END

The next morning, Sofia woke up slowly. She sat up in bed, and stretched, as she always did in the morning. She opened her eyes, and looked around her bedroom, still half asleep. And then it hit her. She was home. Sofia’s eyes shot open, as she remembered everything that had happened. Meeting Kramus. Fucking Kramus. Being betrayed by Kramus. Meeting the Gods…Had they truly brought her home then? Or was it all a dream?

Sofia hopped out of bed, and ran to her bedroom door. She opened it, and was surprised that no guards were posted outside her door, as they normally would be. Almost as though…they didn’t think they had anyone to guard. Sofia wandered through the corridors, looking for anyone. Eventually she came to what she knew was a small lounge. Through the door, she could hear giggling. She opened the door, and saw two naked and extremely voluptuous girls, making out and fingering one-another on the sofa.
“My word!” Sofia exclaimed. “This is hardly the sort of behaviour I expect from servants!” The girls just looked at Sofia, shocked.
“That girl is wearing clothes!” One of them shouted.
“Sinner!” Shouted the other. “We must take her to be punished!” The two girls stood up, and picked up two swords they’d had laying on the table. They held them up to Sofia’s neck.
“What is the meaning of this!?” Sofia shouted, as the two girls dragged her off.
“Silence, sinner!” The first girl shouted. “You shall be taken to our God to be punished!”

Sofia was dragged through the corridors of the palace, where she saw many other girls performing sexual acts on one-another, but all of whom looked at her with disgust. Sofia was dragged into what she knew was the throne room, and thrown onto the floor.
“Kneel before your God, and beg for forgiveness!” Shouted one of her captors. Both of them then got on their knees and bowed their heads. “Oh great and powerful Harson, God of us all, we bring you this sinner, caught committing the sin of covering her body in clothing!”

Sofia looked up, where she was her brother. He was leaned back on the throne, naked. A girl was on her knees sucking his dick, while two other girls licked and kissed his chest, while a fourth girl made out with him.
“You know I don’t like to be disturbed,” Harson said. He shoved the fourth girl away, and looked up, before realised who he was looking at. “Sofia!?”
“Harson-” Sofia began, before she felt a spike of arousal in her pussy, her brother’s magic voice taking effect.
“You are dead! Kramus said you were dead!”
“Well…I…” Sofia said, struggling to talk through her arousal. Harson was just so sexy…she wanted to kiss him. “Harson…what have you done? These girls…why do they call you their…their…”
“God? Because I am their God, that’s why. With you gone, I didn’t have anyone opposing my power. So with Lexia’s help, I gave myself a promotion. No more was a merely Prince, or even King. Now, I am God of Janosia.”

Sofia was practically about to climax from her brother’s magic voice, moaning loudly.
“And I can see my power is now affecting you,” Harson said. “Interesting. That means you are indeed out of Nyssha’s protection. Gave her up, did you?”
“Sofia, stand up and take off your clothes,” Harson ordered. Sofia did so, her body automatically obeying Harson’s orders. “Oh, I forgot to mention that my voice must be obeyed at all times. I do love magic.” Harson stood up, pushing the girls aside without a second thought.
“Follow me, Sofia,” he ordered.

Harson walked off, and Sofia followed, unable to disobey even if she’d wanted to, her body still full to the brim of arousal from listening to her brother’s enchanted words. She followed Harson onto the balcony, where she looked out onto the capital. It was a horrible sight. The city was a shadow of its former self, but in the middle of the city, there was a humungous statue of a naked Harson.
“Magnificent, isn’t it?” Harson said. “My dominion.”
“Where are all the men?” Sofia asked.
“The lucky ones were turned into women,” Harson replied. “There were far too many penises on my planet. The unlucky ones are slaves. They built that statue. They built my holy temple, and are currently working on many similar projects all over the world. I could have had Lexia simply create these constructions, but, well, I do so enjoy watching those slaves work.”

“That is barbaric!”
“So you claim. Yet even now, you find yourself becoming more and more attracted to me. It’s taking all your willpower to not start riding me now, isn’t it?”
“You’re madly in love with me, yet your ridiculous ideals are preventing you from admitting it. You’re a fool, Sofia. Don’t you see? With Lexia, I am a God. The whole world is mine.”
“But Kramus still opposes you…”
“And why should I care about that? He cannot come down to the planet. What goes on above us is none of my concern.”
“The Gods would not want this…”
“I am the only God this planet has! The only one it shall ever have! Unless of course, you would like to join me.”
“What do you mean?”
“I would like a Queen. Someone to rule alongside me. To love me. To bear my children. And that will be you.”
“All your life you’ve been merely a princess, never destined for anything greater. Now you have a chance to finally be Queen. Queen of everything.”
“Harson, you are evil…”
“Well, it seems you’ve made up your mind then. I didn’t want to have to do this, but…Sofia, you are madly in love with me. You desire only to marry me, to fuck me, and to obey and adore me.”

Sofia immediately stopped resisting. Suddenly, the fact she was in love with Harson wasn’t a problem. It was the best thing ever. She wanted to be Harson’s Queen. She wanted to serve him and please him. She kissed him passionately, and Harson grinned.
“Please let me be your Queen!” Sofia begged him.
“Certainly, my dear,” he said, continuing to grin. “Why don’t we go and consummate our marriage?”

Harson scooped Sofia up, holding onto her by her bottom. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and the two of them made out as he carried her to his bedroom. He dropped her down on the bed, and then laid down.
“Fellate your God King,” Harson ordered. Sofia obeyed, and immediately laid down on her front, and took Harson’s enormous cock into her mouth. Harson moaned, and spread his legs in pleasure. He’d had thousands of blowjobs from thousands of girls since getting Lexia, but he was still overwhelmed by the pleasure every time.
“Oh my God…” Harson moaned. “Fuck yeah…”

Sofia bobbed her head up and down Harson’s length, desperate to make her brother feel good. Sofia started humming a tune as she bobbed up and down, Harson moaning loudly, not caring in the slightest who could hear him. Harson came quickly, thanks to his enhanced sensitivity, blasting more than an entire litre of cum down Sofia’s throat. Sofia swallowed every drop, and continued sucking, having not yet received permission to stop. Harson’s moaned grew in intensity, and he thrust his hips up and down, trying to get every bit of pleasure possible out of Sofia’s mouth.

Harson came into Sofia’s mouth half a dozen more times, each load as impossibly large as the first one. Eventually Harson pushed Sofia off of him.
“Bend over,” he ordered. Sofia turned around, and got on all fours. Harson grabbed hold of her bottom, and, with one swift motion, he thrust himself inside Sofia’s pussy. The two of them gasped from the wonderful sensation of their union, and Harson held himself there for a minute or so, savouring the feeling of his little sister’s pussy caressing his cock. Eventually Harson decided it was time, and he began thrusting in and out. The two royals moaned, enjoying sensations they’d never dreamed of only a few weeks prior.

“Oh Gods…Oh Gods…” Harson moaned. “Sofia, orgasm with every thrust.” Sofia screamed at this. The moment she felt her brother’s cock slide in, her pussy exploded with pleasure. She barely had time to react however before he thrust in and out again, sending her into another orgasm. She was heaving two or three orgasms a second, and she was loving it. Harson was loving it too, Sofia’s unstoppable moaning arousing him beyond belief, and her pussy’s contractions stimulating him intensely. Harson let out a manly groan, and unleashed a thick load of cum into his sister’s quivering womanhood. Harson lost control a little, and fell forwards, knocked Sofia down. Harson laid on top of his sister, the two of them quivering while they rode out their orgasms.
“Oh Harson…that was amazing…” Sofia moaned as her pussy finally calmed down. “I love you so much.”
“Yeah…now ride me,” he ordered. He’d never admit it, but he was physically exhausted. His cock was always ready though, so he wanted more.
“Of course!” Sofia smiled.

She got out from under him, and climbed on top. She slid down onto him, which immediately triggered another orgasm in her, as it was a thrust. When she was done cumming, Sofia started bobbing her hips up and down, experiencing yet another orgasm with every down motion. The only thing preventing her from collapsing in a puddle of orgasmic bliss was her magical compulsion to obey her brother’s commands. Right now, all she wanted was to make her brother happy. And he was happy. His gorgeous sister was riding his cock, and he was mesmerised by her perfect tits jiggling before his eyes. He’d fire an enormous load into her, and then, less than a minute later, he’d fire another one. Harson had been an atheist all his life, but now, thanks to Lexia, he believed in Heaven. He was living it.


Harson wasn’t the only one enjoying the benefits that magic has on one’s sex life. Kramus was currently balls deep in one of his many concubines, while many other concubines stimulated the rest of his body. He looked over at Marcio, who too was metaphorically drowning in pussy, and loving every second of it.
Kramus wondered how much sex Marcio had had in his time. He’d inherited him from his mother, who’d inherited him from her mother, who’d inherited him from her father, who’d inherited him from his mother, who’d inherited him from his father, who’d inherited him from his father, who’d inherited him from his father, who’d inherited him from his mother, who’d inherited him from her mother, who’d inherited him from her father, who’d inherited him from his father, who’d found him buried in the palace gardens. He knew that in their centuries of possessing him, his family had enjoyed the full extent of Marcio’s power, their genitals rarely getting more than a few hours’ rest. He imagined all of his previous Masters were like that. And even if they weren’t, Marcio was a Master of seduction.

Kramus had certainly always taken full advantage of Marcio’s powers. Right now, he and everyone else in this group sex session had been orgasming for almost 6 hours, at an intensity normal human beings could only dream of. To any normal person, this would be an amazing scenario, but to Kramus, it was just routine. After his birth, his mother had commanded Marcio to age him until he was just before the onset of puberty, though still with the mind of a young child. From there, his mother had raised him on a diet of pleasure. He aged incredibly quickly, passing through a year a week. He was given many opportunities to be a normal child, though unlike normal children, the young Prince Kramus had been educated on his future as Emperor.

But unlike most Princes, he was also educated sexually. One of his earliest memories, from when he was only eight weeks old, with an 18-year-old body, but the mental maturity of someone far younger, was when he was asked to take a bath with his mother and Marcio. He’d always known of Marcio’s nature, and he knew that he could provide anything his mother asked for, including things no other servant could. He’d liked Marcio; he always showed off his magic when asked, although anything more than minor things he would refuse to do without his mother’s permission.

He’d had no idea that this seemingly innocent bath would be his introduction to sexual pleasure. His mother had pulled him into a cuddle, a very normal thing for them, and then she’d uttered those words which to this day he could still recall perfectly.
“Marcio, I wish for you to give Kramus an incredibly intense orgasm, until I say otherwise,” his mother had said.
“Your wish is my command, Mistress,” Marcio had said. “Trust me, your highness, you’re going to love this.” Kramus hadn’t really understood what his mother had just said. She regularly had Marcio give him things; sweets, toys, planets, but he had no idea what an “orgazum” was. Was it a new toy? Probably a bath toy, he figured, since they were in the bath. Kramus noticed Marcio point a finger at his groin, and he wondered why. Then, suddenly, he whimpered, as he felt his willy become incredibly stiff. That happened sometimes, mostly when one of those nice servant girls bathed, but his mother had just told him it was normal.
Kramus was about to ask why his mother had ordered Marcio to make his willy stiff, when he whimpered again. He felt something. Something building up in his willy. A nice feeling, which was quickly becoming a really nice feeling.

“Mother, what is…Uhhhhh…” Kramus didn’t know what was happening to him, but he liked it. His willy exploded, contracting with the most amazing sensations he’d ever experienced. Never in his wildest dreams had he ever imagined it was possible to feel this good. At the same time as these pleasurable contractions, he found his willy was also squirting a thick liquid out. He didn’t know what that liquid was. All he knew was that squirting out that liquid felt so good. He looked at his mother, who just smiled, and told him to relax and enjoy it.

Years later, Kramus was still enjoying it. Though his cock was no stranger to experiences like this, it never got boring. Far from it. Marcio’s near-infinite power meant that every contraction, every squirt of cum, would be the best one ever. He never got bored, because there was always a higher pleasure to enjoy. He was in Heaven.

And then, it stopped. Kramus has been ejaculating at a rate of a dozen squirts a second, but his heightened senses meant he could feel and differentiate every one. And at this moment, he felt his muscles tense, and his prostate prepare to fire his umpteenth squirt of cum. But, mere microseconds before it happened, he felt his muscles relax, his pleasure disappear, and his orgasm end. The girls all got up, and calmly and efficiently walked out of the room, leaving Kramus and Marcio wondering what was happening.
“Marcio, what did you do!?” Kramus shouted.
“It wasn’t me, Master!” Marcio replied. “I promise!”
“It was us.”

Kramus and Marcio looked over at the Godly figures, dressed in pure white clothes, who had appeared.
“Matt! Sophie!” Marcio exclaimed.
“You know these people!?” Kramus asked, angry.
“It’s a long story…” Marcio replied.
“Kramus, we are here to put an end to this pointless war,” Matt said.
“We’ll see about that,” Kramus said. “Marcio, I wish for you to get rid of these people.”
“Master, I wouldn’t piss them off if I were you…”
“Do as I say!”

“Kramus, under normal circumstances, we would not intervene, but we feel now that we must,” Sophie said. “Your people are locked in an eternal war with those of Janosia, and this must end.”
“Some people are inherently cruel, others simply misguided. You are the latter. We believe that Marcio’s power has corrupted you, and we shall not punish you.”
“However, we will be taking Marcio from you.”
“That is absurd! Who are you say such things!?”
“We are Matthew Evans and Sophie Swift. We created this universe. We created the genies, and bound them to serve humans. And just as we bound them, so too can we unbind them. You are banished from this world. Go now from Janosia, and rule your Empire without magical aid. That is your punishment for your actions, as well as this world’s salvation.”

Before Kramus had a chance to react, he saw these two figures disappear, along with Marcio. Kramus scrambled around, looking for where he’d left Marcio’s lamp, but it was nowhere to be found. He was gone. Kramus then remembered Nyssha’s lamp. He still had her! Kramus ran through the ship to the safe where her lamp was being stored. It opened to his command, and he saw that it too was gone.


The three of them re-appeared in Harson’s bedroom, where the King and his new Queen were snuggled closely, sleeping. Their bodies were covered in a mixture of sweat and semen. Matt and Sophie waved their hands, and a lamp appeared in Matt’s hands. A cloud of yellow smoke poured out of it, and Lexia appeared.
“Yes Master?” She asked, but she then realised that Harson was sleeping. She turned around, and saw Matt and Sophie, along with Marcio. “Oh my God…”
“Don’t worry Lexia, we’ll explain everything later,” Sophie said. “Right now, we need to wake those lovebirds up.”
“You…you’re going to do it, aren’t you?” Lexia asked. “What you did to the society, all those years ago?”
“The society, like Emperor Kramus, was corrupted by their genies,” Sophie replied. “Harson has been bad his whole life. There’s no hope for his redemption.”

Matt and Sophie waved their hands again, and Harson and Sofia woke up.
“What in the world?” Harson asked, Sofia moaning again as she heard her brother’s enchanted voice. The two Gods waved their hands again, and Sofia’s mind was cleared of Harson’s influence.
“Oh my word…” She said, as she realised what had happened. “Harson, how could you!?”
“What the fuck is going on!?” Harson shouted. He and Sofia then noticed the people stood there. Sofia immediately bowed her head.
“Mathulevius, Sorreliftia, how may I serve you?” Sofia asked.
“Mathulevius? Sorreliftia?” Harson asked. “There’s no such thing. I am your only God!”
“Harson, your hold over this world is at an end,” Matt said.
“Lexia, I wish for you to kill these two,” Harson ordered. Sophie merely raised her hand, and Harson cried out in pain, as he felt his testicles being squeezed.

“Sophie, no,” Matt said, and she released Harson. “Harson, you could have been a good ruler, but you squandered your power to bring only pleasure to yourself and only suffering to others. For this, you have forfeited your right to exist. Your life will end, and this planet will be taken from you.”
“Your Holinesses, I agree that Harson should be punished, but I beg of you to spare his life,” Sofia said. “If I may suggest that he be released into my custody? I shall look after him, and ensure he is no trouble.”
“Spend my life as your underling? No thanks,” Harson scoffed.
“Harson, please, I am trying to beg for mercy from the Gods,” Sofia said.
“Sofia, is this really the sort of person you want to save?” Sophie asked.
“I know he is a truly horrible person, but I believe in mercy. Is that not what your holy texts teach?”
“I have no idea,” Sophie replied. “Do you really think this would be a good idea?”
“Yes, I do,” Sofia replied. “I believe I could turn him into a model citizen, if only you give me the chance.”
“Then you shall have that chance,” Matt said. “At least if Sophie agrees.”
“Fine, but I don’t like this,” Sophie said.

Matt and Sophie waved their hands again, and many things happened. Harson’s link to Lexia was broken, and his body was reverted to its natural state. Janosia too was reverted to its natural state, going back to how it had been before Harson had altered it, its people likewise changing back to normal. Memories were altered to reflect this new history. Sofia was made Queen, and Harson was reduced to her Princely brother.
“It is done,” Sophie said. “Only one thing remains.”

Sophie conjured up Nyssha’s lamp, and handed it to Sofia.
“You are giving this back to me?” She asked.
“We trust you with her,” Matt replied. “But remember, do not become like your brother.”
“I shall not,” Sofia said. “Thank you, again, for liberating my people.”
“It was nothing, really,” Sophie said, before turning to the other, Masterless genies. “As for you two, we’re taking you back to Earth, to leave you for new Masters to find. Come on.”


When their work was done, Matt and Sophie returned to their own time, and told Alexis and Lumiosa what had happened.
“It sounds like you did the right thing,” Alexis said.
“You think?” Sophie asked.
“Oh definitely,” Lumiosa said. “The Queen will look after her people now, and her brother will learn some humility.”
“Good, it’s nice to know we’re doing something right,” Matt said. “But you know, you can’t tell Marcio or Lexia about any of this. You can’t let them know what their future selves will get up to.”
“Of course, Master,” Lumiosa said. “We understand.”
“It’s been an interesting time, but I guess all’s well that ends well,” Sophie said. “And I’d this has mostly ended well, wouldn’t you agree?”


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